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gyptazy »

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gyptazy »

Remember when everyone was joking about the hardware requirements of is the new . Guess, it's only anymore!

Don't take it too serious :)

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Stefano Marinelli »

In case you missed it, I'd suggest to read this excellent article by @mms : Why I run a BSD on a PC

stu »

@stefano Have you tried using ?

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gyptazy »

⚠️ Weekly Meeting ⚠️

Our first weekly will start on the 25th, April 2024 at 7 PM (GMT+2).

You can find all the details on the wiki:

For the first one, I already created a small agenda ( You are highly encouraged to modify and extend this, as well as upcoming agendas!

Day: Thursdays (weekly)
Time: 7 PM - 8 PM (GMT +2)
Where: (Jitsi)
Info: No recordings, no deep tech dives (keep it simple, we have calls for the details, no pressures to anyone, have fun and enjoy)

When I started the poll to ask for interests in such a meeting I wasn’t sure that even more than 5 people would be interested. I’m happy to see this amount of interested BSD users. I’m aware of the different timezones and it might make sense to have a second timeslot. This one mostly covers the European and near-east users. I’m happy to hear suggestions regarding preferred timeslots for the US, Asia,… so far, I’m happy to see at least a few of you next Thursday in the call!

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gyptazy »

Long post

wow, we already have almost 50 people interested into a weekly meeting. In the BSDCafe we already thought about possible dates and additional organization.

Different timezones make it really hard to just have a single meeting and it might end up in two or even three ones but also trying to avoid fragmentation. But this will probably work out more in an iterative way…

The current idea is to start Thursdays, 7pm GMT+2 in an unmoderated public jitsi session where everyone can join. I think the targeted user group is able to handle it in that way, like we always do.

The question is also, do we want to have an agenda or only open minded jump in and see how it works out?! My experience is, that people might be shy to start talking, it’ll be silent and people start to drop’s drop. An agenda might be helpful for an initial start but I also want to avoid having an introduction round where everyone tells something about himself. I mean, this can be done optionally, but I’m also aware of it that some may feel uncomfortable with this. This round should just make fun and not make any pressure or someone feeling uncomfortable.

So, agenda or open minded and free to talk for the first sessions?

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gyptazy »

⚠️ The BSD Pub ⚠️

Hey Fans!

We all share the same interests - based systems like , and .

We chat all day, sharing thoughts, questions and help. We talk on Matrix across different channels, we share on the . We have's newsletter, we have's and calls and many other ones I can't list here.

Wondering if there would be and interests in the , , etc., for a weekly smalltalk session like in a pub. Just a Jitsi based video/audio call where we can meet, discuss things from newsletter, trending things from the or just have off-topic and openminded discussions. This could result into the meeting.

I know, some people are shy - keep your cam off until you feel comfortable and feel free to join the discussions. Even this meetings should make fun and no pressure - so if someone is not in the mood or can't make it - no worries. No one will judge.

Would you be interested?



stu »

@jaypatelani Have you played around with ?

Josh »

Here is the list of OSs that I have attempted to install (with a DE) on my Intel and have failed thus far (not in an particular order):
1) (will try again)

ricardo »

Josh »

For those following my saga here is the truncated version:
1) Community version installed. Had some quirky issues, like gpu fans not working properly. Wanted to try something else.
2) Tried , “installed” then crashed on reboot
3) Tried current, kept timing out and issues around pkg
4) Tried to install but got stuck in a boot/restart loop
5) Got tired of tring to install BSD
6) Attempted to install . Would not load onto SSD

Vintage Tech on BSD.CAFE »

@JLW_the_Jobber What laptop are using for

Josh »

@vintagetech welp, I am now downloading

Vintage Tech on BSD.CAFE »

I have a that I would love to try on. The only thing I will have issues with is the wifi card on the . @probono

Ed Maste »

@probono continuing the discussion from,

Improving the new user experience is a focus area for the @FreeBSDFoundation for upcoming work, and there are a number of Foundation folks and people in the community who expect to look at improving the installation experience, the process to get a graphical environment set up, etc.

My hope is to that we can have upstream in the infrastructure and tools that projects like and need.

Vintage Tech on BSD.CAFE »

@vue Very nice... How is ? I have an old macbook pro late 2015 that I could try using.


Vintage Tech on BSD.CAFE »

@JLW_the_Jobber You should give a try one day.

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gyptazy »

You’re a fan? It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, pro or developer - everyone is welcome to participate in the .

Focussing on , , , and in the discussions, also all other flavors like , ( are welcome! You’re a fan (, , , , ,…) - just jump in:

More on my blog: