BSD Cafe - The Community for BSD Based Systems (2023-11-19):

The BSD Cafe is a thriving community that goes beyond being just a gathering of BSD enthusiasts; it serves as a comprehensive repository of knowledge and experiences shared by its members. The platform features in-depth reviews of BSD-related software and hardware, providing valuable insights into real-world experiences and hardware compatibility. The community aims to assist individuals in making informed decisions when building or optimizing systems for BSD but Linux users are of course also welcome.

The founder and guiding spirit of BSD Cafe, Stefano Marinelli, is introduced as our "Barista" and had the idea to create a modern place for BSD enthusiasts which does not only target experienced users. It is also a place for beginners to start and learn using BSD based systems. Beginners will be guided and taugth in systems like FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD, helloSystem and all other BSD based systems. Linux users are also welcome to have a look on other systems! Just jump in...

Jump in? Jumping in is pretty easy while the BSD Cafe also hosts several services which are federated. Therefore, you can just jump into the cafe lounge (the Matrix chat) at With the self hosted systems like the own Matrix instance and a Element UI (client), you can decide on your own if you want to join with your already present account or with a new one, hosted and identified by the BSD Cafe. If you just want to toot you can jump into the Fediverse - it's federated and running as a decentralized service. You can just jump in the Mastodon instance and toot around. You can find all other services right here. My profile can be found here.

The BSD Cafe is more than just a community; it's a repository of knowledge and experience shared by BSD enthusiasts! See you soon!