Howto Install QualvoSec Security Patch Management on Debian and Ubuntu (2024-03-07):
Security patch management is a critical aspect of maintaining the security and resilience of an organization's digital infrastructure. It involves the timely identification, testing, and application of software updates to address vulnerabilities in operating systems, applications, and other software components. This proactive approach is essential to prevent security breaches, data breaches, and unauthorized access, safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring smooth system operation. The how-to guide focuses on integrating QualvoSec (you can find more information here ) into an organization's infrastructure to streamline and enhance security patch management processes. QualvoSec is a comprehensive security solution designed to automate and simplify the patch management lifecycle. By following the guide, users can achieve benefits such as automated vulnerability assessment, centralized patch deployment, prioritization of critical patches, real-time monitoring and reporting, customizable policies and scheduling, and seamless integration with existing systems. The integration with QualvoSec provides centralized control over patch deployment, allowing users to .... [read more]

Howto Run Proxmox 8 VE on the ARM64 Hardware Architecture (2024-02-29):
In the ever-evolving landscape of virtualization and server management, one name has consistently stood out for its reliability, versatility, and innovation – Proxmox. Especially now, just after Broadcom dropped the free ESXi solution, Proxmox might be the real gamechanger. Traditionally associated with x86 architectures, Proxmox has been a stalwart companion for enterprises and enthusiasts alike, providing a robust platform for virtualization and container orchestration. However, as technology progresses and the demand for diversity in hardware options surges, the spotlight is now turning towards alternative architectures, with ARM64 emerging as a formidable contender. This blog post aims to unravel the untapped potential of running Proxmox on non-traditional hardware architectures, with a special focus on the ARM64 architecture. As we delve into the benefits, challenges, and the transformative impact of this choice, we invite you on a journey that explores the boundaries of what Proxmox can achieve beyond its familiar x86 habitat. .... [read more]

Install snac2 on FreeBSD – An ActivityPub Instance for the Fediverse (2024-01-05):
This HowTo guides you through the setup process of snac2 on a minimalistic FreeBSD (FreeBSD 14) system to run and serve your own ActivityPub instance within the Fediverse. snac2 is also compatible with Mastodon instances for further interactions. snac2 is a simple, minimalistic ActivityPub instance written in portable C and can run on all Linux and BSD systems. Within this HowTo snac2 will be installed behind a nginx reverse proxy for SSL/TLS offloading. First, we start installing the required package dependencies: pkg install git curl py39-certbot-nginx-2.6.0 py39-certbot-2.6.0,1 nginx Afterwards, the snac2 project repository can be cloned and snac2 compiled from the C code source: git clone cd snac2 make make install Thanks to Stefano (from the BSD Cafe project) for the FreeBSD rc service file to start the snac2 instance. Within the next steps we just copy the rc service file to the right location and prepare everything to .... [read more]

Howto install Ansible SemaphoreUI on Debian 12 (2023-11-05):
This mini How-To guide describes how to install Semaphore UI 2.8.75 in addition to Ansible 8.5 on Linux Debian 12 (Bookworm). Semaphore provides a modern and responsive webUI for running Ansible playbooks as an alternative to Ansible AWX (Tower) and the new Automation Platform. Semaphore is an open-source project written in GoLang and easy to use, install & to maintain. MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL and BoltDB are supported as backend DBs. Within this HowTo MariaDB is used. Please also see the official docs here. Features: * Build, deploy & rollback * Group playbooks to projects * Manage environments, inventories, repositories and access keys * Run playbooks from the browser * Responsive UI allows the use of Semaphore on mobile devices * Run playbooks by schedule * View detailed logs of any playbook runs, at any time * Delegate other users the running of playbooks * Get notifications about playbook runs Prerequisites: In .... [read more]