The current status of all services can be found here.

NTP Time Server
NTP time servers are crucial for synchronizing the clocks of devices within a network, ensuring accurate and consistent timekeeping. These servers obtain precise time information from reliable sources and distribute it to client devices, supporting applications such as data logging, financial transactions, and network security. All listed systems are public available and also listed in the public ntp pool; statistics can be found here:

  * Location: ZRH, CH | IPv4:      | IPv6: 2a0b:7140:4:1:5054:ff:fe80:8062
  * Location: ZRH, CH | IPv4:  | IPv6: 2a0b:7140:4:1:5054:ff:fe93:ae6a
  * Location: NBG, DE | IPv4:          | IPv6: 2a03:4000:45:4b::1337
  * Location: NBG, DE | IPv4:  | IPv6: 2a03:4000:47:1f1::1337

Container Registry Server
A container registry serves as a centralized repository for storing and managing container images, streamlining the deployment process and promoting consistency in application environments. Offering free container images hosting for personal and open-source projects enhances scalability, facilitates version control, and enables efficient collaboration among development teams, making it an essential tool in modern software development and deployment workflows.

  * [container image overview]

Tor Server
Tor, short for The Onion Router, is a privacy-focused network that enables anonymous communication by directing internet traffic through a series of volunteer-operated servers, encrypting the data at each step. The Onion Network, within Tor, uses layered encryption like an onion to protect user identity and ensure secure, anonymous access to online content. What would fit better than running such a service with opensource software on opensource hardware (like RISC-V):


Fediverse Server
A Fediverse server instance is a node within the federated social media ecosystem, allowing users to connect, communicate, and share content across different platforms. It operates on open protocols like ActivityPub, enabling seamless interaction between users on various instances while preserving decentralization and user autonomy. This instance is running on snac2.

  * [profile: gyptazy]

Matrix Server
Running an own Matrix chat server involves setting up and managing a decentralized communication platform that uses the Matrix protocol. This allows users to participate in real-time messaging, voice, and video conversations with end-to-end encryption, providing greater control, privacy, and customization over their communication infrastructure.


Web & Gemini Server
Free web hosting with webspace offers several advantages, including cost savings as users can host their websites without paying for hosting services. It also provides an accessible entry point for individuals or small businesses to establish an online presence, offering basic features like storage space and website building tools at no charge. However, it's important to note that free hosting may come with limitations such as ads, lower performance, and less support compared to premium hosting options. This also includes support for the Gemini protocol to run your Gemini capsule.


Conference & Meeting (by Jitsi)
Choosing a platform and provider-independent solution for conferencing services offers numerous advantages. Users gain flexibility and freedom as they can seamlessly switch between platforms without being tied to a specific provider. This independence promotes cost-effectiveness, as organizations can select the most suitable options based on their needs and budget. Additionally, it ensures compatibility and accessibility for participants across diverse platforms, fostering inclusivity and ease of collaboration. This service also offers dial in support by telephone and is free to use for everyone.