IP Renumbering of NTP Servers after Moving to Switzerland (2024-06-08):
After relocating the core infrastructure to Zurich, Switzerland, a renumbering the IP addresses was necessary. This transition also impacts the NTP servers, requiring adjustments to ensure continued synchronization accuracy. The changes have already been implemented in the NTP Pool project , ensuring a seamless update for all users. Please make sure to use the nearest NTP servers to your location. The ntp03 and ntp04 servers still remains in Germany (Nuernberg). (stratum 1) IPv4: IPv6: 2a0b:7140:4:1:5054:ff:fe80:8062 Location: Zurich, Switzerland (stratum 1) IPv4: IPv6: 2a0b:7140:4:1:5054:ff:fe93:ae6a Location: Zurich, Switzerland (stratum 1) IPv4: IPv6: 2a03:4000:45:4b::1337 Location: Nürnberg, Germany (stratum 1) IPv4: IPv6: 2a03:4000:47:1f1::1337 Location: Nürnberg, Germany You can also find some further stats here . .... [read more]

Distribution Overview of BSD Systems at BoxyBSD (2024-05-05):
In the vast landscape of operating systems, BSD-based systems stand out for their stability, security, and robustness. BoxyBSD , my free and non-profit BSD-focused VM hosting, provides a unique window into the distribution preferences within this niche. Let's delve into the latest distribution usage statistics at BoxyBSD and explore what they reveal about the popularity of different BSD flavors. FreeBSD Dominance (83%): With a commanding 83% share, FreeBSD emerges as the undisputed leader among BSD-based systems at BoxyBSD. Renowned for its scalability, performance, and extensive documentation, FreeBSD enjoys widespread adoption across various industries, from web servers to embedded systems. OpenBSD (7%): OpenBSD, with its strong focus on security and clean, well-documented code, holds a respectable 7% share at BoxyBSD. Despite its smaller user base compared to FreeBSD, OpenBSD's emphasis on security has earned it a dedicated following, particularly among security-conscious users and organizations. OpenIndiana (7%): OpenIndiana (which is still in .... [read more]

StarFive VisionFive2 RISCV64 Board is Perfectly Supported by Ubuntu - Review (2024-02-16):
The VisionFive2 board, built on the innovative RISC-V hardware architecture, has found a powerful ally in Ubuntu. The exceptional support that Ubuntu provides for VisionFive2, offering the latest packages for RISC-V architecture, even in current releases down to 24.04 is mind blowing. This stands in stark contrast to other operating systems like Debian and FreeBSD, where integration is still catching up. When you are interested into the RISC-V hardware architecture, you may already have found my posts regarding my first steps and thoughts about this and also my summary of more or less supported operating systems . Ubuntu has emerged as a front-runner in providing cutting-edge support for the RISC-V architecture, particularly on the VisionFive2 board. The commitment to delivering the newest packages sets Ubuntu apart, allowing developers to leverage the full potential of the RISC-V hardware. Unlike some competitors, Ubuntu doesn't just promise support for RISC-V; it delivers with .... [read more]

RISC-V Container Images (2024-02-14):
Diving deeper into RISC-V, we unravel its key advantages, such as scalability, customization, and reduced design complexity. Learn how this open standard fosters a diverse ecosystem, allowing developers to tailor hardware to specific project requirements. As we delve into the importance of containerization, explore how a comprehensive repository of container images can streamline development, testing, and deployment processes for open-source initiatives. To adapt and integrate RISC-V into your toolchain, Container images may be very important and a potential dealbraker. As a result, I provide a collection of self-created Container images of major Linux distributions in empowering the open-source community. Container Images Distribution   Image Debian Trixie Ubuntu Jammy (22.04) Ubuntu Mantic (23.10) Ubuntu Noble (24.04) Fedora 39 All images within the Container registry can be found here . .... [read more]

Running a RISC-V based Production TOR Relay Node for the Onion Network (2024-02-10):
Contributing to the Tor Project by adding a Tor node to the Onion network is a valuable and community-driven effort to enhance online privacy and security. Tor, short for The Onion Router, is a network that aims to increase privacy and resist censorship by routing internet traffic through a series of volunteer-operated servers. To contribute to the Tor Project by adding a Tor node, individuals can follow a series of steps. First, they need to set up a dedicated server with sufficient resources and bandwidth to support Tor traffic. This server becomes part of the Tor network, functioning as a relay node that helps anonymize and distribute user traffic. The process involves installing and configuring Tor software on the server, which enables it to act as a relay node within the Tor network. Users can choose between different types of nodes, such as entry nodes, middle nodes, or exit nodes, .... [read more]

FOSDEM 2024 - Summary and Insights of the Open-Source Conference in Belgium Brussels (2024-02-03):
As I stepped into the bustling crowds of FOSDEM 2024 , the air was filled with an electrifying sense of community and excitement. This annual open-source conference, held in Brussels, had once again transformed into a melting pot of ideas, innovation, and collaboration. As a fervent supporter of open source, I couldn't help but feel a sense of anticipation for the unique experiences that awaited me over the next two days. The crowd was already aware of this event a long time ago and we heavily discussed and chatted on Twitter, Fediverse and Matrix. However, there're many people I've never seen in my life before, but almost talking everyday to them. Therefore, I had a shirt to recognize me easily and also to make some ads for the BSDCafe : The venue itself was a testament to the diversity and inclusivity of the open-source community. Housed at the Université libre .... [read more]

FreeBSD 14 RISCV64 Build Box Image for QEMU (2024-02-02):
A RISCV64 based QEMU image offers versatility by enabling the emulation of RISCV64 architecture on various hardware platforms. This flexibility allows developers to create native RISCV64 binaries across different architectures like ARM64 or AMD64. The benefits extend to streamlined cross-compilation, fostering a more accessible and collaborative development environment without installing any developer packages on production system. Moreover, deploying these packages on native RISCV64 boards enhances performance and ensures seamless integration, empowering developers to harness the advantages of RISCV in diverse computing environments. My personal motivation was to not bloat my Vision Five 2 board when compiling binaries that should later be served and run on this board. Attached you will find everything you need to quickly setup your own FreeBSD 14.0 RISCV64 build environment. Download(s) * Image: riscv/freebsd/FreeBSD-14.0-RISCV64-Build-Box-Image-QEMU.raw.xz Credentials root  password1 builder  builder1 Usage This image can be used on almost every hardware architecture and does not need any native .... [read more]

Collection of Images and Information for the RISCV64 based Vision Five2 Board (2024-01-23):
The VisionFive2 RISC-V board is designed as a development platform that specifically utilizes the 64-bit RISC-V instruction set architecture which is provided under open-source. This board offers a comprehensive set of features to cater to the diverse needs of developers. It includes General-Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) pins, enabling users to interface with external devices and sensors. The inclusion of USB connectivity provides a convenient interface for data transfer and device interaction. Moreover, the VisionFive2 board incorporates various connectivity options, allowing developers to experiment with networking capabilities by providing 2x 1GBit ethernet ports. This feature makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from embedded systems to IoT (Internet of Things) projects. The RISC-V architecture itself is known for its open-source nature, fostering a collaborative and accessible ecosystem for innovation. Overall, the VisionFive2 RISC-V board stands out as a versatile and capable platform, providing a robust foundation for exploring and implementing .... [read more]

Switching from ARM64 to the open-source RISC-V hardware architecture (2024-01-21):
Making the transition from established architectures like ARM64 (AARCH64) and AMD64 (x86_64) to the RISC-V (risc64) open-source hardware architecture offers several compelling advantages. The shift brings about a paradigm change that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of proprietary systems. After ditching the AMD64 architecture completely, it got time to give RISC-V a try. One notable benefit is reduced dependency on specific vendors. Unlike ARM64 and x86_64, which are dominated by a few major players, RISC-V's open-source nature allows for a more diverse supply chain. This diversification mitigates the risks associated with vendor lock-in and dependency, fostering healthy competition and providing users with greater freedom to choose components that best suit their needs. Security considerations also play a role in the decision to switch. The transparent nature of RISC-V enables thorough code reviews and audits, enhancing the identification and mitigation of potential security vulnerabilities. This contrasts with closed architectures where users .... [read more]

Visiting the FOSDEM 2024 Opensource Conference in Belgium, Brussels (2024-01-16):
The FOSDEM conference in Belgium, held annually in Brussels, is a prominent and highly anticipated event in the world of open-source software and free software development. Drawing a diverse and international crowd, FOSDEM serves as a hub for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and networking within the open-source community. With a packed schedule of talks, workshops, and developer rooms covering a wide array of topics, attendees have the opportunity to delve into the latest trends, innovations, and challenges in the open-source ecosystem. FOSDEM's inclusive and community-driven nature fosters a vibrant atmosphere where participants can exchange ideas, contribute to projects, and strengthen the bonds of the global open-source community. I'm already very excited to see you all in person again, espeically many new ones that I've just met on socialmedia (IRC and Fediverse) or by code contributions. Probably, you can't miss me when wearing this shirt - feel free to chat with me! .... [read more]

BSDCafe Wallpaper Collection (2024-01-15):
Let's play with AI an create some high quality wallpapers for the BSDCafe . This is specially made for all BSDCafe fans, including all fans of FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonBSD, helloSystem, etc. You can find out more about the BSDCafe project on my blog post or directly on the project's website . Wallpaper: .... [read more]