Visiting the FOSDEM 2024 Opensource Conference in Belgium, Brussels (2024-01-16):
The FOSDEM conference in Belgium, held annually in Brussels, is a prominent and highly anticipated event in the world of open-source software and free software development. Drawing a diverse and international crowd, FOSDEM serves as a hub for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and networking within the open-source community. With a packed schedule of talks, workshops, and developer rooms covering a wide array of topics, attendees have the opportunity to delve into the latest trends, innovations, and challenges in the open-source ecosystem. FOSDEM's inclusive and community-driven nature fosters a vibrant atmosphere where participants can exchange ideas, contribute to projects, and strengthen the bonds of the global open-source community.

I'm already very excited to see you all in person again, espeically many new ones that I've just met on socialmedia (IRC and Fediverse) or by code contributions. Probably, you can't miss me when wearing this shirt - feel free to chat with me!

gyptazy FOSDEM 2024 Shirt