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yoshi, the dinosaur from kde »

This is against TOS. You've been reported.
I get that you're excited to be here, but you gotta follow the rules.
And this isn't it. You're not on AUR. We're building a high quality and well-maintained repository here. This kind of ebuild isn't the vibe we want.

scovl »

After a year and a half of using daily, it will be impossible to go back to using unless it's minimally based on BSDs (like , , ).

Kyle Taylor »

I had never encountered this. The closest I've seen Linux go towards BSD is . TBH, Chimera looks like the devil's play thing. "Why did you build this?" "Because -- llvm."

@RL_Dane @tulpa

Fedora Project »

Thank you for giving Arch Linux a run for its money on the intimidation front! You do so well to give users the chance to build a system the way they want to build it. And you’re named after a penguin!

To: @gentoo
From: Fedora

Solène »

If you want to experience Linux for the first time, or if you are bored with your computer and you miss Gentoo

Let's use Gentoo together, or should I say ?

It has always be for me the most versatile and performant Linux distro around, it teaches Linux when using it.

Binary packages are now offered but don't cover all needs, so you still compile a bit.

Gentoo provides great customization, you can enable the exact features you want in your system, which from experience make loading a bit faster (less libs to load).

It's the system where I was able to build the most frankenstein system like a root btrfs system spread across two different LUKS disks or where my external GPU just works © all the time

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gyptazy »

Today, someone reached out to me by email just to say "thank you" for my Box Collection with different types of including all general (, , , ,..) and (, , ...) distributions.

It was just an email, rather than an issue or bug and someone took some efforts to look up my mail and to write me. It made me very happy & we should much more honour the work of others! It reminded me of how much we now take software for granted in our daily life. Things we do and handle our daily business... Even if we don't donate anything or only small amounts, we should always show respect for the time and effort of the author and maintainer. Even a small personalized email can bring great joy :)

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gyptazy »

While lacking in available and functional operating systems, I’m already preparing a collection (like my collection) of flashable SD images of ( for the :

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gyptazy »

You’re a fan? It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, pro or developer - everyone is welcome to participate in the .

Focussing on , , , and in the discussions, also all other flavors like , ( are welcome! You’re a fan (, , , , ,…) - just jump in:

More on my blog: