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gyptazy »

Remember when everyone was joking about the hardware requirements of is the new . Guess, it's only anymore!

Don't take it too serious :)

Oook »

Is anyone using on a desktop/laptop?

Juno »

Also noticed that provides a large amount of binary distributions for , , , , , among several other OSs, plus many architecture-specific binaries. That is really nice! Next thing will be deploying it on the beastie server.

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gyptazy »

Stefano Marinelli »

In case you missed it, I'd suggest to read this excellent article by @mms : Why I run a BSD on a PC

0mp at FreeBSD »

@markd @unix_discussions I don't know. Let's see if we can get someone from , , and to explain the status of their support.

Diane Bruce »

For those who think email is still simple... As someone who had to struggle with learning SPF, DKIM, DMARC and and and and ... it's not anymore. I am looking forward to @mwl talk about it "The State of email" at BSDCan coming at the end of the month.

Michał »

For my “why you should use bsd desktop” article (wip) I’d like to link to people’s technical reasons. I’ve already got a great one from @vermaden (the “quare one”) but I’d love to have also something from open, net and dragon.

Have you written something like this by any chance? The more detailed walkthrough the tech stack of flavor of your choosing and the more examples of your usage the better!

Tomáš »

Stefano Marinelli »

Just wrapped up the first virtual meeting of 'BSD Pub,' hosted by @gyptazy
Had a delightful and friendly conversation with wonderful folks, and some really interesting ideas emerged for the future. Thanks to everyone and... looking forward to the next meeting!

Details will be posted on the corresponding page:

Stefano Marinelli »

Weekly BSD Pub

*BSD friends, just remember that on Thursday there'll be the first Weekly BSD Pub virtual meeting, organized by @gyptazy

More information here:


BSDCan »

Registration for the 20th BSDCan conference at the University of Ottawa is open! Visit to register. (Please allow three days for your conference payment via paypal to register). The conference will be May 31 - June 1, preceded by two days of tutorials.

You can find our list of programming including talks and tutorials, masking policy, information about the venue and local accommodations and more at A tourism group will be visiting Ottawa attractions concurrently with the conference, so bring your families!

We are still welcoming volunteers, sponsors and lightning talk participants. Join our announcements mailing list at for the most complete and timely conference updates. We're looking forward to a fun, safe and valuable conference!

Jay 🚩 »

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gyptazy »

Long post

wow, we already have almost 50 people interested into a weekly meeting. In the BSDCafe we already thought about possible dates and additional organization.

Different timezones make it really hard to just have a single meeting and it might end up in two or even three ones but also trying to avoid fragmentation. But this will probably work out more in an iterative way…

The current idea is to start Thursdays, 7pm GMT+2 in an unmoderated public jitsi session where everyone can join. I think the targeted user group is able to handle it in that way, like we always do.

The question is also, do we want to have an agenda or only open minded jump in and see how it works out?! My experience is, that people might be shy to start talking, it’ll be silent and people start to drop’s drop. An agenda might be helpful for an initial start but I also want to avoid having an introduction round where everyone tells something about himself. I mean, this can be done optionally, but I’m also aware of it that some may feel uncomfortable with this. This round should just make fun and not make any pressure or someone feeling uncomfortable.

So, agenda or open minded and free to talk for the first sessions?

h3artbl33d »

Do you do anything interesting with any of the *BSDs ? If so, please consider giving a talk at EuroBSDCon, which is held in Dublin, September 19-22. More info on submitting your paper can be found here.

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gyptazy »

⚠️ The BSD Pub ⚠️

Hey Fans!

We all share the same interests - based systems like , and .

We chat all day, sharing thoughts, questions and help. We talk on Matrix across different channels, we share on the . We have's newsletter, we have's and calls and many other ones I can't list here.

Wondering if there would be and interests in the , , etc., for a weekly smalltalk session like in a pub. Just a Jitsi based video/audio call where we can meet, discuss things from newsletter, trending things from the or just have off-topic and openminded discussions. This could result into the meeting.

I know, some people are shy - keep your cam off until you feel comfortable and feel free to join the discussions. Even this meetings should make fun and no pressure - so if someone is not in the mood or can't make it - no worries. No one will judge.

Would you be interested?



david_chisnall »

@Neznak I have an obvious bias towards FreeBSD. All of the major BSDs (excluding macOS) have similar management interfaces and packaging systems. They have a common ancestor, but diverged a lot over the last 30ish years. Some things are periodically shared between them.

I would be remiss to not point out as the third large one and as the fourth.

I ran on a PowerPC Mac for a while and found it very easy to learn coming from . As @tulpa says, remember that these are all distinct systems, not just distributions packaging the same set of things slightly differently. NetBSD and FreeBSD both branched from 4.3BSD Net/2 (FreeBSD via 386BSD). OpenBSD forked from NetBSD 1.1, Dragonfly from FreeBSD 4.8 - both have now had decades of independent development (or, as independent as permissively licensed open source projects ever are - a lot of people contribute to more than one and code flows in all directions).

The things that keep me on FreeBSD are:

  • ZFS supported out of the box, from the installer onwards.
  • Jails (and support for OCI containers via Podman).
  • Capsicum as the cleanest way of developing compartmentalised applications on any system.
  • pkg for binary packages and Poudriere for building binary packages (each port is built in a clean jail).

I also use pf (originally from OpenBSD, now ported elsewhere), though NetBSD's npf looks interesting.

Dr. Brian Callahan »

h3artbl33d »

The fact that is still offline worries me a bit. Hope they are doing okay and that recovery is imminent.

While Exquisite requires account approval, it is more of an abuse and spam countermeasure. Should you be interested in a second fediverse account, feel free to signup. Exquisite runs on in DC1, two racks from @OpenBSDAms.

We welcome everyone from the - whether that be OpenBSD, , , , , and yes even .

Sinclair System 7.5 »

Hello , here's your "daily" OS-tan art!

This one is a group picture featuring FreeBSD, NetBSD, DragonflyBSD and OpenBSD!

I won't describe all the characters due to the word limit here but FreeBSD-tan, the second eldest of the BSD-tans, is a dynamic leader known for her spontaneity and love of adventure. Despite her laid-back demeanor, she completes tasks efficiently and on time. NetBSD-tan, her younger sister, is depicted as timid but with an adventurous side, reflecting the portability of NetBSD. FreeBSD-tan is depicted as a tall woman with blonde spiky hair and purple eyes, wearing punk-inspired clothing. Her weapon of choice is a nightstick.

DragonflyBSD is the one only without info for her character, so that can be left up to interpretation?

Art by C-Chan

FreeBSD has has light red hair with long bangs, pigtails in the back and very long at the sides. She has green eyes, red devil horns and tail, a sleeveless red mini-dress, long black high-heeled boots and long black gloves.

NetBSD NetBSD-tan is seen as a teenage girl, around 18 years old but physically 15 or so. She wears red plastic glasses, and has bi-colored eyes; the left amber, the right green, as a reference to serial terminals, which had CRT screens of aforementioned colors. Her hair is black with white tips, and she wears orange ribbons, a nod to the NetBSD Flag. She also has devil horns and a tail. She dresses in a Japanese schoolgirl-style uniform (sailor fuku); With a white top and orange skirt, knee socks and orange shoes. She also wears a collar piece with the Bell Systems logo at the tie point, a reference to BSD's Bell Labs Unix heritage. She carries a handbag in the shape of a chrome toaster; a clear nod to the famous installation of NetBSD on a toaster. 

FreeBSD-tan is depicted as a tall woman with spiky blonde hair and purple eyes. Her style of clothing is vaguely punk - incorporating spiked leather bracelets and a choker, fishnet stockings, knee-high military-style boots, a white shirt and black miniskirt. She is a skilled fighter, her favorite weapon being a nightstick.

Jay 🚩 »


Jay 🚩 »

Which is the best free Open source Operating system in your point of view? 😎

NetBSD 🚩:16
Of course it is NetBSD 🚩:18


Dr. Brian Callahan »

A wild post appears!

FreeBSD has a(nother) new C compiler: Intel oneAPI DPC++/C++

See how I got the Intel running on and outputting native FreeBSD binaries--and how you can too!

It also builds a working FreeBSD kernel...

Stefano Marinelli »

I'm writing (and will publish on my blog in the next few days) an article about self-hosting some services. In this case, on FreeBSD, but I will also use other BSDs. The ultimate goal is to promote what I often advocate with the hashtag , which is always to remain the owners of our data.

This first article will be a part of a series on the same topic, but there will be more with different technologies and solutions.

Stay tuned!

Dr. Brian Callahan »

I did yet another thing no one asked for: getting the most recent version of the oneAPI DPC++/C++ running on and generating native FreeBSD binaries.

An xterm window. Inside are a number of commands: uname -a to show it is a FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE system, icx --version proving it is the Intel(R) oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler 2024.0.2 targeting FreeBSD, and a simple hello world program that the compiler compiles in both C and C++, with the expected "Hello world in C" and "Hello world in C++" outputs from the programs, and finally the file command proving that the generated binaries are indeed native FreeBSD binaries.

Tomáš »


Stefano Marinelli »

Dr. Brian Callahan »

I released oed-7.4, the portable version of ed(1).

Very minimal changes, but still some changes.

Get it here:

Jay 🚩 »

Graham Perrin »

The Land Before Linux: The Unix desktops • The Register

<> @sjvn

❝Today, thanks to Android and ChromeOS, Linux is an important end-user operating system. But, before Linux, there were important Unix desktops, although most of them never made it. …❞

0mp at FreeBSD »

Does anyone know where I can find the 2023 proceedings?

It does not seem to be there on the website. Previous years, e.g., 2019, have a dedicated section on the homepage with a link to the PDF. The 2023 conference does not have such a section though. Ideas?

Dr. Brian Callahan »

A new post appears!

Can GCC use Clang as its assembler?

Come with me on this wild ride to use without the and instead use and the binutils.

Stefano Marinelli »

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gyptazy »

You’re a fan? It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, pro or developer - everyone is welcome to participate in the .

Focussing on , , , and in the discussions, also all other flavors like , ( are welcome! You’re a fan (, , , , ,…) - just jump in:

More on my blog: