Believer in the power of open-source & community-driven innovation.

Former AS20621 NetOp that loves FreeBSD & illumos. Currently mostly in DevOps & developing (Python, Rust). Contributes to & . Evaluating and production usage of hardware/software.

* - A free VM hosting service to provide some value back to the community.
* - A static blog generator in manpage design.
* QualvoSec - A security patch management tool.
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gyptazy ยป

( is just around the corner and I'm happy to see you all in person!

You will recognise me by an ugly Christmas sweater or I'll wear a shirt with my avatar (depending on if I'm freezing).

Just an important note for everyone who'll come by car - keep in mind that you need an approval/permission to enter the environmental (low emission) zone in ( by car.

If your car mets the conditions you can register your license plate for free here:

See you soon!