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Jimmy Angelakos »

Missed me❓ I'm going to be speaking online at : An Event for with PostgreSQL community star @floord in June❗

"How to Work with Other People" explores how recognizing and accommodating the mental differences between people can improve the workplace and the .


POSETTE: An Event for Postgres 2024
How to Work with Other People
Jimmy Angelakos & Floor Drees
Photos of both.
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Hacker Public Radio » 🤖

New Episode: hpr4118 :: Toil versus Livelihood

Hosted by dnt on 2024-05-15 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.

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Today on the

Claire Giordano ✨ »

I've been working on this post for weeks & our team has been working on these projects for 8+ mo.

Just published 📣 "What's new with Postgres at Microsoft, 2024 edition" to walk thru all the open source contributions & Azure features we've rolled out in last 8 months

So FUN to work w/our Postgres team to bring this together 🐘 ❤️

Boosts appreciated. Just looking at the infographic makes me happy

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gyptazy »

Thanks everyone for joining and also for the useful information and insights - I really appreciate it!

If you like join our weekly meeting you can find more information at

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Stefano Marinelli »

This place isn't perfect. It has its problems, flaws, and limitations. It's not immune to hatred or those who spread negativity.
Yet, here I've encountered incredible people, a marvelous community committed to bringing constructive engagement, dialogue, and social interaction back to the network.
Thank you, Fediverse.
Thank you, friends of the Fediverse.

Stefano Marinelli »

I've just created a new Matrix room for the BSDPub - Weekly Meeting coordination/chats.

You can reach it here:


Stefano Marinelli »

Just wrapped up the first virtual meeting of 'BSD Pub,' hosted by @gyptazy
Had a delightful and friendly conversation with wonderful folks, and some really interesting ideas emerged for the future. Thanks to everyone and... looking forward to the next meeting!

Details will be posted on the corresponding page:

Joe Ortiz »

Some good news at least to report and it comes from my home state of New York:

There was an anti-municipal language being put into the state's budget that would have been a significant blow to the state's municipal/community broadband push that was announced a few months back thanks to huge Big Telecom lobbying (Charter Spectrum mostly)

Thankfully lawmakers came to their senses and removed it before the budget's passage yesterday.

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gyptazy »

⚠️ Weekly Meeting ⚠️

Our first weekly will start on the 25th, April 2024 at 7 PM (GMT+2).

You can find all the details on the wiki:

For the first one, I already created a small agenda ( You are highly encouraged to modify and extend this, as well as upcoming agendas!

Day: Thursdays (weekly)
Time: 7 PM - 8 PM (GMT +2)
Where: (Jitsi)
Info: No recordings, no deep tech dives (keep it simple, we have calls for the details, no pressures to anyone, have fun and enjoy)

When I started the poll to ask for interests in such a meeting I wasn’t sure that even more than 5 people would be interested. I’m happy to see this amount of interested BSD users. I’m aware of the different timezones and it might make sense to have a second timeslot. This one mostly covers the European and near-east users. I’m happy to hear suggestions regarding preferred timeslots for the US, Asia,… so far, I’m happy to see at least a few of you next Thursday in the call!

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gyptazy »

Long post

wow, we already have almost 50 people interested into a weekly meeting. In the BSDCafe we already thought about possible dates and additional organization.

Different timezones make it really hard to just have a single meeting and it might end up in two or even three ones but also trying to avoid fragmentation. But this will probably work out more in an iterative way…

The current idea is to start Thursdays, 7pm GMT+2 in an unmoderated public jitsi session where everyone can join. I think the targeted user group is able to handle it in that way, like we always do.

The question is also, do we want to have an agenda or only open minded jump in and see how it works out?! My experience is, that people might be shy to start talking, it’ll be silent and people start to drop’s drop. An agenda might be helpful for an initial start but I also want to avoid having an introduction round where everyone tells something about himself. I mean, this can be done optionally, but I’m also aware of it that some may feel uncomfortable with this. This round should just make fun and not make any pressure or someone feeling uncomfortable.

So, agenda or open minded and free to talk for the first sessions?

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gyptazy »

⚠️ The BSD Pub ⚠️

Hey Fans!

We all share the same interests - based systems like , and .

We chat all day, sharing thoughts, questions and help. We talk on Matrix across different channels, we share on the . We have's newsletter, we have's and calls and many other ones I can't list here.

Wondering if there would be and interests in the , , etc., for a weekly smalltalk session like in a pub. Just a Jitsi based video/audio call where we can meet, discuss things from newsletter, trending things from the or just have off-topic and openminded discussions. This could result into the meeting.

I know, some people are shy - keep your cam off until you feel comfortable and feel free to join the discussions. Even this meetings should make fun and no pressure - so if someone is not in the mood or can't make it - no worries. No one will judge.

Would you be interested?



Graham Perrin »

To the @helpers in for

I thank each one of you for doing what you do, individually and collectively, in a quite extraordinary space.

The sense of openness, in a medium that is unavoidably closed, is probably the least of your positive achievements.

So welcoming!

Graham Perrin »

The same thanks, belatedly, from me, to the friends of @stefano in particular.

There'll be others for me to thank, on Tuesdays, from 9th April onwards.

Stefano Marinelli »

I want to launch a hashtag where, every Tuesday, I'll post a message and it would be great if it became a habit for many.

In a world full of conflicts, selfishness, and egocentrism, it would be nice to focus on the good that others do, what makes our lives better thanks to the contribution of others.

My first to the friends of - both within the community servers and beyond - who have undoubtedly contributed to making my life better, more stimulating, and richer. So, I extend this gratitude to all those who, here in the fediverse or elsewhere, are present and positive, giving me inspiration and motivation.

Truly, thank you!

AfricaUnion »

Stefano Marinelli »

The recent news about has further demonstrated how vigilant eyes are present within open-source software communities. That's why, in the upcoming years, I'll strive even harder to detach myself from closed solutions.
It's also time to reinstall on my Pixel 7 - even if it's not my daily driver, I'm using it.

Stefano Marinelli »

Dear friends of and the ,
today marks exactly 8 months since the BSD Cafe was announced to the world. Our community has grown and is made up of wonderful people who add tremendous value to the content seen both on our Mastodon instance and other channels (primarily Matrix).

For this, I am truly grateful!

One of the first services we launched was Miniflux, but, in fact, it never really "took off." The main reason, in my opinion, is that registrations are not open but require contacting me directly, which (I am aware) greatly limits the freedom to sign up. The reasons why Miniflux is not open for immediate registration are various, but the main one is that the developers offer paid hosting that helps fund the project. By offering a free service with immediate access here, I risked undermining them - something I wanted to avoid.

Therefore, I have decided to introduce another RSS Reader, namely FreshRSS. Registrations are open and free, and the tool, like the others, runs exclusively on BSD systems (currently, FreeBSD).

I will update the wiki page with information and instructions as soon as possible, but the server is already active and operational for a few days - and is now on the Status page.

So, point your browsers to and... happy reading!

KubikPixel™ »

Die ursprünglichen 'e im gelten schon länger als und die scheinbare alternative Lösung hat nun integriert und schnuppern die aus. Die wahre finden wir wieder im Fediverse und sind ua / so wie . Ja das ist viel mehr als nur und Co und kommuniziert nicht nur auf einem Server, sondern in der (ihr kennt es evt schon)


TomAoki »

@stefano Thank you for hosting us!

Stefano Marinelli »

Today marks 7 months since I made the BSD Cafe public. These days, I'm quite busy and don't have much time to dedicate, but when I want to relax in the evening, I open one of the interaction tools and see wonderful people, great conversations, and interesting topics. I just want to say thank you to you, friends who are part of the BSD Cafe, and to all of you, friends of the BSD Cafe.

Jimmy Angelakos »

@fosdem 2024 was once again a great opportunity to learn about and interact with the . I also had the great pleasure to meet many fellow enthusiasts at the PostgreSQL Europe booth, where I was joined by friend and comrade-in-arms @tchorix and we took the opportunity to do an impromptu book signing for "PostgreSQL 16 Administration Cookbook" which we co-authored 👉

Boriss Mejias and Jimmy Angelakos at the PostgreSQL Europe booth, signing the PostgreSQL 16 Administration Cookbook

Pascal Scherbaum »

Reimar Bauer »

Reimar Bauer »

I am back in the room
Important talk by Erin McKean about

Solving community problems with documentation

No description

Stefano Marinelli »

We just reached the 14 million milestone of Fediverse users.
Not a single ad displayed.
Not a single algorithm suggestion.
Nobody pushing hate speech.

Happy milestone, !

Addendum: By "nobody is pushing hate speech," I mean that no company, owner of the Social Network, can deliberately and aggressively force posts with hate speech onto users solely for the purpose of selling more ads. This does not imply that there is no hate speech - unfortunately, this is a problem that also spreads in the Fediverse, and the tools are not always adequate.