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Timothée Ravier »

We're making progress on Fedora Atomic Desktops support for Fedora Asahi Remix!

Initial experimental images and instructions coming soon!

Screenshot of a Fedora Asahi Linux desktop with the settings page opened on the About this System page, showing Fedora Linux Asahi Remix 40 on a MacBook Pro M2.Screenshot of a Fedora Asahi Linux Atomic desktop with the settings page opened on the About this System page, showing Fedora Linux 40 (Kinoite) on a MacBook Pro M2.

Fedora CZ »

40 cake 😋

A white cake that has the Fedora Linux logo and the number 40 on the top. There is a ring of raspberries.
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Aral Balkan »

This is great but can we please also have Fedora (& Ubuntu, etc.) acknowledge they started shipping operating systems without a functional screen reader when they switched to Wayland and that that’s still the case?

This is not to name and shame. Unless we acknowledge this as an error on par with shipping without monitor support and unless the culture is altered to make accessibility a showstopper, it’ll happen again.

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Fedora Project »

PSA: Fedora Linux 38 will reach end of life on May 21, next Tuesday.

Time to start upgrading. Fedora 39 will be supported for up to one month after the release of Fedora 41 (~6 months). Fedora 40 will be supported until a month after Fedora 42 (~12 months).


tulpa »

RPM Fusion is to as Nonguix is to Guix.

Since RPM Fusion is unofficial, I'm never sure if I'm using it optimally. Basically, I want to get from it what would have been included from it in Fedora's base Workstation install, if it were available for official use that way.

ベンツくん »

Updated from 39 to 40. Seems like mostly a non-event. But then, I am on GNOME not KDE. But on the plus side, the update went well!

Adam »

ClaudioM »

Axel ⌨🐧🐪🚴😷 | R.I.P Natenom »

Worked on ( today, added signatures for (21-40; source: and for / SLES (11-15; source: confirmed by some real-life examples, as well as some other maintenance chores.

While digging through @shodan results for examples I found a host with OpenSSH 3.4p1 and "Apache/1.3.29 (Linux/SuSE)", i.e. a SLES 8.1 from 2002. 🙈

Fedora Project »

Folks are enjoying the Fedora and @centos booth at Red Hat Summit this week. Come check out the ThinkPad X1 Carbon and Slimbook Fedora 1 if you're here!

Thanks to Lenovo and Slimbook for these awesome devices that come with Fedora preinstalled!

Fedora and CentOS booth at Red Hat Summit with a Lenovo display, ThinkPad X1 Carbon, and Slimbook Fedora 1 from left to right; with a smattering of stickers and swag available

ベンツくん »

I wrote about my adventures with remix and its self-destructing file system.

ベンツくん »

Back on track with a new install, this time with GNOME. Not sure yet if I still prefer this to KDE, to be honest.

Alex L 🕊 🇵🇸 »

In my opinion became too big and got too much support from , to the point of being arrogant and deciding to abuse spec like other implementations didn't exist at all.

Major distros, including , should in my opinion move to as default DE since its the most complete Freedesktop implementation and leave GNOME as a flavour people intentionally opt-in.

This would help bringing GNOME down to earth.

Stefano Marinelli »

Fedora Evaluates Replacing Redis With Valkey

Personally, I've chosen to replace Redis with KeyDB as I needed master/master replication for my BSD Mail service

Fedora Project »

With Fedora 40 released, it's time to set our sights on Fedora 41!

Fedora 40 elections are starting with the nomination phase. Check it out if you're interested in running for the Fedora Council, Engineering Steering Committee, Mindshare Committee, or EPEL Steering Committee.

Fedora 41 has some deadlines coming up this summer, starting with infrastructure changes due on June 19.

Details on this and more: communityblog.fedoraproject.or

ClaudioM »

In all of this busy-ness today, I've set up my laptop to upgrade from F39 to . Postponing the move to KDE Plasma 6 for now, but at least my Fedora installation will be up to date. ​🐧

My silver HP ProBook 4540s running Fedora Linux. The screen is showing the upgrade process from Fedora 39 to Fedora 40 with a progress bar, which currently is at zero percent.

Fedora Project »

Silverblue and Fedora Atomic users - here's a guide on how to rebase to Fedora 40.

The graphical example used is for Silverblue, but if you follow the terminal instructions they will work on any Fedora Atomic Desktop. Just pay attention to use the name of your variant where applicable.

If anything goes bad, you can rollback to Fedora 39. Additionally you can pin your current image if you need to go back after a few updates.


Fedora Project »

Fedora IoT 40 got some cool under-the-hood changes.

First is that Fedora IoT now uses the unified core model, making them the last rpm-ostree variant to make the switch.

Second is that Fedora IoT will be the first rpm-ostree variant to be a bootable container image. You will literally be swapping to newer and newer container images when you update, which really emphasizes the idea of atomicity.

Fedora IoT logo over the Fedora 40 background

Fedora Project »

Don't forget about all of our other spins and labs that have also updated to Fedora 40. 👀

For Fedora Spins we have
- KDE (or Kinoite)
- Xfce
- Cinnamon
- i3
- LXQt
- SoaS
- Sway (or Sway Atomic)
- Budgie (or Budgie Atomic).

For Fedora Labs we have
- Astronomy
- Comp Neuro
- Design Suite
- Games
- Jam
- Python Classroom
- Scientific
- Security Lab

You have a lot of options, alright lol

Fedora Project »

If Fedora 40 had a headlining change, it might be @kde Plasma 6. The KDE SIG have brought over all the hard work from that community to give you a solid desktop experience from day 1.

We're also pushing technology forward by making this release Wayland-only, though X11 apps will still work!

Plasma 6 is also available for our Kinoite users.

Give the Fedora KDE 40 spin a try today!

Fedora Project »

We are proud of the stable reputation that Fedora Workstation has built over the years. We hope to add to that with Fedora Workstation 40!

Workstation brings @gnome 46 to users with tweaks to the Settings and Files apps. You can now use Remote Login to connect to a computer even if it doesn't have an active session.

Learn about these quality of life improvements and more:

Try Fedora Workstation 40 today!

Stefano Marinelli »

OMG! We’re at forty! (Announcing the release of Fedora Linux 40)

Liam @ GamingOnLinux 🐧🎮 »

Fedora Project »

Fedora Linux 40 is HERE! Check out all our latest variants for desktop, server, and more.

New features include:
* @kde Plasma 6
* @gnome 46
* Fedora Atomic Desktops (rebrand for Silverblue et al)
* PyTorch / ROCm
* And more!

Learn more and try Fedora 40 today!

Banner that says Fedora Linux 40

Fedora Project »

Fedora 40 comes with a refresh of our branded laptop collaboration... introducing the Slimbook Fedora 2!

@slimbook has packed this with exciting features like:
* New black chassis
* US ANSI keyboard layout
* Intel i7 13th Gen CPU
* Nvidia RTX 4000 series GPU
* In 14" and 16" sizes

Learn more:

Graphic of the black Slimbook Fedora 2

ClaudioM »

Thinking of making the big switch from my long-term MATE Desktop over to when I move my installation over from version 39 to .

Kenneth Finnegan »

40 is fully staged on the MicroMirrors and just waiting for the permission bitflip and release tomorrow!

🍿 Now we wait

No description

Fedora Project »

Reminder that you have until April 21 to submit your proposal for a talk at Flock 2024! That's this Sunday! 🏃

Our contributor conference is a great space to present new ideas, show performance, and talk about difficult and nuanced problems.

➡️ communityblog.fedoraproject.or

Linux Magazine »

jbz »

📦 Fedora thinking about switching to a new package manager | @linuxiac

「 Its usage can test a user’s patience, as its performance lags notably behind Debian’s speedy APT. And comparing it to the swift efficiency of Arch’s Pacman is, frankly, not even a fair contest. However, this could all change in Fedora 41 」

tulpa »

So far, Workstation 40 has been a flawless UX. Not a single bug that I've hit.

Fedora Project »

The Fedora Project will be at Texas Linux Fest! We'll have a booth and some Fedora related talks. And we'll be accompanied by @centos as well. Looking forward to connecting with you at the event!

Texas Linux Fest is a week away, on April 12-13. 🤠

Learn more:

scy »

Red Hat released an urgent security alert for Fedora 41 and Rawhide users:


> Although Fedora 40 beta contained the 5.6 version of xz in an update, the build environment prevents the injection from correctly occurring, and has not been shown to be compromised. Fedora 40 has now reverted to the 5.4.x versions of xz.

Yesterday, Red Hat Information Risk and Security and Red Hat Product Security learned that the latest versions of the “xz” tools and libraries contain malicious code that appears to be intended to allow unauthorized access. Specifically, this code is present in versions 5.6.0 and 5.6.1 of the libraries - at this time, only Fedora 41 and Fedora Rawhide contain these libraries. This vulnerability was assigned CVE-2024-3094.

Although Fedora 40 beta contained the 5.6 version of xz in an update, the build environment prevents the injection from correctly occurring, and has not been shown to be compromised.  Fedora 40 has now reverted to the 5.4.x versions of xz. 

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gyptazy »

Fedora Project »

🚨 ⚠️ Emergency PSA: A critical security exploit was discovered in the xz package recently, used for compression and decompression on nearly all Linux distributions.

Rawhide users ARE impacted and should immediately STOP using Rawhide until the package update is fully rolled back. (1/3)

Security Advisory:

Fedora Project »

The vulnerability may be present in Fedora 40 but it is not believed to be activated. Fedora 40 users are advised to use caution and update their systems soon when the rolled-back version is available, for more certainty.

Fedora 39 and 38 users are not impacted. (2/3)

Security Advisory:

Fedora Project »

The Fedora Linux 40 Beta has released! Please help us with testing your favorite spin (if you're able too)!


ClaudioM »

Thinking of moving my install over to Beta soon in order to test what's available, at least with the MATE spin.

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gyptazy »

QualvoSec is an opensource security patch management tool support & based distributions but also (.

upcoming features:
- whitelist (packages to update only)
- blacklist (package to refuse from being upgraded)
- API (list of installed packages & versions on nodes)
- Multiple patch windows
- Grouping
- First iteration of (the still very limited) admin tool

Julian Lam »

Install 19 Packages
Upgrade 673 Packages
Remove 5 Packages

Total download size: 1.6 G
Is this ok [y/N]: Y

👋 Haven't updated my Fedora install in months. Taking bets on whether my system will boot up again.

Fedora Project »

The world of Fedora Atomic grows with **BlueBuild**, a spin-off of @UniversalBlue that is a newly independent project!

If you've been wanting to build or maintain your own custom image of Fedora Atomic Desktops, this may be another way to explore that interest. Instead of editing a containerfile, you work on a recipe that is then transformed into a containerfile to make the process of getting started easier.


Paul Buetow »

At my parents in law's place I have my 10 year old X240 with Linux and I am using it there when we are there as a guest. Despite the age, still going good. I think there isn't any official Windows support for this ThinkPad anymore due to the age. but Linux just works!

Surely, some JavaScript heavy websites are not blazingly fast, but still usable. Shouldn't surf those sites anyway.

Aral Balkan »

Someone please tell me screen reader support isn’t broken on the major Linux distributions like Fedora and Ubuntu that ship Wayland as default.

(I can’t get the modifier key for Orca to work under the latest Fedora Silverblue and, according to the linked issue, it’s because… it just doesn’t work under Wayland? That can’t be right, right? It would mean the major Linux distributions are inaccessible.)

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gyptazy »

Serious questions for this Friday… Are we now at a point of time where we can safely drop legacy and can even use only for servers.

Sure, technically everything works fine on operating systems like , , , etc. and all my monitoring, backup and admin infrastructure is only for years. But dealing with clients is something different. I think most clients already support , especially within my circle but it could still be annoying for people that are forced to use only.

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gyptazy »

Just created some based images of & . This might become helpful when integrating in your build & test pipelines.

ベンツくん »

Did I mention that I finally posted my review of Remix? I really like it!

Fedora Project »

Introducing Fedora Atomic Desktops. New(ish) brand for our family of atomic spins!

* Fedora Silverblue
* Fedora Kinoite
* Fedora Sway Atomic (was Sericea)
* Fedora Budgie Atomic (was Onyx)

Learn more:

Banner announcing Fedora Atomic Desktops with a terminal showing an example of an rpm-ostree command

nixCraft 🐧 »

Linux Find Out BIOS Version Using a Command Line Option This is useful when you need to upgrade system to get new features or fix bugs with your CPU or motherboard.

Linux Find Out BIOS Version Using a Command Line Option. Here we see Asus Laptop BIOS info.

Bernie »

TIL that you can just do this:

dnf install qemu-user-static-riscv slirp4netns podman

podman run --platform=linux/riscv64 -it bash
root@88bb76ac7391:/# uname -a
Linux 88bb76ac7391 6.8.0-0.rc0.20240112git70d201a40823.5.fc40.x86_64 #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Fri Jan 12 16:56:17 UTC 2024 riscv64 riscv64 riscv64 GNU/Linux

Note the weird combo of Fedora Rawhide kerneland riscv64 emulated by qemu 🤨

Fedora Project »

It's almost here! @kde Plasma 6 is around the corner and Fedora 40 will be one of the first to have it available on a stable release.

Help us make it as smooth as possible by participating in the Plasma 6 Test Days!

Test Days are running from today, Jan 29 to Feb 5. 📆

❤️ Learn more:

Fedora Test Days, KDE Plasma 6, Jan 29 - Feb 05

Displayed in a window on Plasma 6 itself

Fedora Project »

Time for the last day of the Creative Freedom Summit! It's been great listening to so much insight on open source tools and how impactful they can be.

First session has the following talks:

* @penpot: Building an Open Source Community Beyond the Code
* Using Fedora Linux to Create a Private and Locally Based Smart Home Hub

Watch on YouTube:
Join in Element chat (it's been a great time):

Steven Rosenberg »

FYI, I've been "sticking" with #toolbx during my current run of #Fedora #Silverblue and NOT using #distrobox, though I am experimenting with #Podman Desktop.

Steven Rosenberg »

Paul Buetow »

@nixCraft Around 18 months as I didn't use the box. I didn't bother to attempt to update it after 18 months when i started using the box again. I reinstalled it with instead.

Javier Martinez C. »

Vulkan triangle example running on
board with today’s
@fedora rawhide and no additional packages. May not seem a big deal but it’s quite exciting for someone who started his Linux Arm journey more than a decade ago working with a TI OMAP3 platform!

Vulkan triangle demo running on a BeaglePlay with Fedora.