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Lovis IX ♿ »

Annonce : J'ai repris un peu , poussé au cul par un copain qui fait des PR, autant qu'un curé pourrait en bénir.

Je bosse sur une fonctionnalité qui me manque cruellement mais vous en saurez plus, plus tard.

scovl »

I was always underestimated as as developer. Today, in my new squad, I'm responsible for creating two of the team's main products. So why was I underestimated as as developer in the not-so-distant past? The answer is simpler than it seems: people are dynamic and organic! When you try to fit them into a box, as in methods, and call it governance and management, in fact, leader, you are limiting that worker's potential!

Aral Balkan »

Just deployed a new Kitten¹ version 🎉

• Adds database backup and restore in your app’s Kitten settings page (/💕/settings)

• Upgrades version of JSDB from 4 to 5²

• You can emit and listen for events on the session object you get from `request.session` in your routes now.

² For migration notes, please see:

Screenshot of Kitten’s settings page running on a Kitten app at💕/settings/

Section Heading: 🗄️ Databases

List with two options: Internal (_db) and  App (db)

Subheading: Backup

Link: Download backup

Subheading: Restore

File upload control with label: 
Database backup file (.kitten.databases.tar.gz)

Choose file button
No file chosen
Restore buttonScreenshot of output of the kitten --version command in terminal:

Illustration of minimalist grey kitten sitting on a green hill in front of a blue sky.

   by Aral Balkan, Small Technology Foundation

 Version 1-b8d459-20.12.2-20240504203731
 Born 2024/05/04 at 20:37:31 UTC (Taurus)
 Fav. colour #b8d459 [colour swatch]
 API version 1
 Runtime Node.js 20.12.2
 Like this? Fund us! 
We’re a tiny, independent not-for-profit.

Need help?

stu »

Wow I was checking out and what it can do for dev environments. Its so simple but so helpful.

I need to dive in more.

Thanks to @solene for mentioning to me.

Captain Steph 🇨🇦 »

Aral Balkan »

(The use case for this is pretty neat: keep your interface state in custom state class instances persisted in session objects and, using the Streaming HTML workflow*, send back pieces of the interface that take those state objects as their only prop. Quite a neat separation of concerns and state is maintained only on the server in those objects.)


Aral Balkan »

Recorded the first video with my new setup last night, about Kitten’s new Streaming HTML workflow.

(And, unlike most quick demos, it doesn’t ignore accessibility.)

It’ll be part of a long blog post dissecting exactly how it works, step by step.

Here’s a little peek before that.

Let me know what you think :)


(You can install Kitten and play along:

Aral Balkan »

Made a bunch of performance improvements to Kitten’s startup time. It now launches in under half a second on my machine vs a couple of seconds previously.

Feels even snappier now.


Performance statistics of a basic Kitte command:

~/Projects/kitten/app ❯ hyperfine 'kitten version'

Benchmark 1: kitten version
  Time (mean ± σ):     463.2 ms ±   4.5 ms    [User: 426.0 ms, System: 123.7 ms]
  Range (min … max):   457.5 ms … 473.0 ms    10 runs

KubikPixel™ »

Where am I now wasting my time when I claim to be learning @rust 😉
Seriously, an insanely great list of projects developed in . Not only implementations for my own 'elopment, but also help me to learn how to use .


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gyptazy »

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gyptazy »

Looking for alternatives? You might want to give a try. This provides the basic installation instructions as well as a ready to use for .