Believer in the power of open-source & community-driven innovation.

Former AS20621 NetOp that loves FreeBSD & illumos. Currently mostly in DevOps & developing (Python, Rust). Contributes to & . Evaluating and production usage of hardware/software.

* - A free VM hosting service to provide some value back to the community.
* - A static blog generator in manpage design.
* QualvoSec - A security patch management tool.
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see also the FAQ

It’s running on resource leftovers in my personal infrastructure. VMs may run in QEMU (Linux) or bhyve (FreeBSD).

The process is automated:
- copy template (basic OS install with an RFC1918 address)
- start vm
- replace IP, hostname, remove provisioning ssh key, set password
- poweroff
- adjust networking vswitch etc for the vm in hypervisor
- start vm

Even providing the images, you would not have the possibility to verify if this image is really being used. But you can of course audit from the inside and validate all files/checksums based against your own image.