Believer in the power of open-source & community-driven innovation.

Former AS20621 NetOp that loves FreeBSD & illumos. Currently mostly in DevOps & developing (Python, Rust). Contributes to & . Evaluating and production usage of hardware/software.

* - A free VM hosting service to provide some value back to the community.
* - A static blog generator in manpage design.
* QualvoSec - A security patch management tool.
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I’m living on server side between , & and can’t decide which platform I want to go!

offers the best support and is fast.
is very efficient and also very fast.
is amazing & exciting (but slow with my current hw, but I can deal with it)

While amd64 & ARM64 work perfectly fine with , the hardware support (beside stuff) is still very limited. Currently, and work very well there.