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gyptazy »

Long post [SENSITIVE CONTENT] I think for many ones (including me) it is the perfect solution. Especially your mentioned features like almost no dependencies, small footprint, no database just files. Easy to build everywhere (I run it on system, easy to deal with data content for backups (just ensure to include hard links) and the management is also pretty easy. For me it is the perfect solution, it scales well and I have just 200mb of memory usage including the OS. Thinking about a full Mastodon instance I would need a minimum of 4GB, maybe even more. The default web template of snac is really very basic (I like it), but most people may not want to use this. However, there’re cool additional themes and I also like the modern light theme (from ) which makes it probably much more usable for regular users. However, since the API got more and more improved and more clients are working this shouldn’t be a problem anymore. support is awesome, especially when it comes to investigating bugs or performance issues. You see that he’s clearly very nit picky to provide best performance (of him, code and binary performance). I really love it and bought also a coffee. I think the rest is just missing marketing (out of the nerd bubble). However, like always - big thank you for your efforts and work. I wouldn’t use the Fediverse without snac.


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Long post [SENSITIVE CONTENT]Thank you so much!!!