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Parade du Grotesque 💀 »

Surprisingly... 9.0.0 seems to compile just fine on 15! Yay! 🤓

This being said, I am only on:

[2407/9553] Compiling C object libqemu-aarch64_be-linux-user.fa.p/linux-user_uname.c.o

So there is still plenty of time to mess things up. Let's see how it goes, and if the end result is usable.

Parade du Grotesque 💀 »

And I am pleased to report that 9.0.0 compiles straight on 15 with almost no fiddling at all!

Took a while on my little server, but:

$ qemu-system-x86_64 --version

QEMU emulator version 9.0.0
Copyright (c) 2003-2024 Fabrice Bellard and the QEMU Project developers

$ ls /usr/local/bin/qemu-sys* | wc -l

Ooooh yeah! 🤓

Thorsten Leemhuis (acct. 1/4) »

9.0.0 is out:

"'block: virtio-blk now supports multiqueue where different queues of a single disk can be processed by different I/O threads

migration: support for “mapped-ram” capability allowing for more efficient VM snapshots, improved support for zero-page detection, and checkpoint-restart support for VFIO

ARM: architectural feature support for ECV, NV, and NV2

ARM: board support for […] raspi4b (Raspberry Pi 4 Model B)"'

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9to5Linux »

jhx »

Small article about with and /
can sure be fun sometimes 😎 (Or I should rather say using a device under )

The FreeDOS Project »

A great way to run FreeDOS is in a virtual machine. is quite popular, but I like to use

Here's how I boot FreeDOS using QEMU on Linux:

ベンツくん »

Is there a GUI for that people would recommend? Is everyone just cargo-culting qemu invocations?

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gyptazy »

I’m living on server side between , & and can’t decide which platform I want to go!

offers the best support and is fast.
is very efficient and also very fast.
is amazing & exciting (but slow with my current hw, but I can deal with it)

While amd64 & ARM64 work perfectly fine with , the hardware support (beside stuff) is still very limited. Currently, and work very well there.

_leonov420 »

QEMU (quadra) + Apple AUX/3 Experiments
Host: M1 MBP 2021

QEMU running Apple AUX/3 installerQEMU Running Apple AUX/3 displaying the About This Macintosh dialogQEMU running Apple AUX/3 displaying a command shell compiling and running an example hello world c program.
A text editor window contains the source of the hello world program.QEMU running Apple AUX/3 displaying the main attraction: DOOM!
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gyptazy »

You can find some newer packages for (which is used by the board) than the 2022 snapshot old ones for on But you can also grab my whole QEMU image to build it yourself or just spawn up a with static (qemu-riscv64-static) by running:

mmdebstrap --architectures=riscv64 --aptopt='Acquire::Check-Valid-Until "false"' --include="debian-ports-archive-keyring" sid /srv/riscv64-chroot "deb [trusted=yes] unstable main"

cp /usr/bin/qemu-riscv64-static /srv/riscv64-chroot/usr/bin/

chroot /srv/riscv64-chroot/ qemu-riscv64-static /bin/bash


Thorsten Leemhuis (acct. 1/4) »

vDPA: support for block devices in and – from @sgarzarella

"'"A vDPA device is a type of device that follows the virtio specification for its datapath but has a vendor-specific control path.

vDPA devices can be both physically located on the hardware or emulated by software.


Below are several examples on how to use VDUSE and the QEMU Storage Daemon with VMs (QEMU) or Containers (podman). These steps are easily adaptable […]

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Bernie »

slirp4netns is this weird thing for unprivileged network namespaces:

It's required by because it runs without root privs.

The in thing also works with classic , but I'd rather use Podman for improved isolation.

Bernie »

TIL that you can just do this:

dnf install qemu-user-static-riscv slirp4netns podman

podman run --platform=linux/riscv64 -it bash
root@88bb76ac7391:/# uname -a
Linux 88bb76ac7391 6.8.0-0.rc0.20240112git70d201a40823.5.fc40.x86_64 #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Fri Jan 12 16:56:17 UTC 2024 riscv64 riscv64 riscv64 GNU/Linux

Note the weird combo of Fedora Rawhide kerneland riscv64 emulated by qemu 🤨