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stu »

Wow I was checking out and what it can do for dev environments. Its so simple but so helpful.

I need to dive in more.

Thanks to @solene for mentioning to me.

scovl »

Here's another lengthy and useful article about for developers. In this one, I explain about the backbone of FreeBSD, which is the rc.conf, about manipulating shells, and the practical use of pkg:

scovl »

The plan is to release the information gradually, but I still have a lot of material to share about how this operating system completely won me over... it's simply sensational...

Sinclair System 7.5 »

Hello , here's your "daily" OS-tan art!

To follow along with the other BSD image I posted before, I'll post this chibi one of FreeBSD and NetBSD!

I guess with this post I can talk more about FreeBSD-tan since there is little for NetBSD... she is far from stupid and could be seen as a closeted genius, surpassing even Plan 9-tan herself. She masks her intelligence as a testament to her concept of freedom, choosing her own path rather than conforming to societal ideals. In combat, her strategies are simple yet effective.

Initially part of the Unix Family faction, FreeBSD-tan and her sisters (OpenBSD-tan and NetBSD-tan) distanced themselves due to disciplinary issues and a lack of interest in the faction's regulations. Drafted into the Unix wars, FreeBSD-tan skillfully evaded arrest and later joined forces with her sisters and Plan 9-tan to form the User Space Gang.

Art by C-Chan

An illustration by C-Chan featuring two chibi characters, FreeBSD-tan and NetBSD-tan, enjoying a picnic.

FreeBSD-tan is delightfully biting into a large, triangular sandwich filled with various ingredients (which includes the Windows, Apple and Linux logo) while NetBSD-tan is engrossed in a text-based game on a small white netbook. 

They are seated on in a with a woven basket on a red and white checkered picnic blanket. The scene is set against a backdrop of an expansive green field under a clear sky

Sinclair System 7.5 »

Hello , here's your "daily" OS-tan art!

This one is a group picture featuring FreeBSD, NetBSD, DragonflyBSD and OpenBSD!

I won't describe all the characters due to the word limit here but FreeBSD-tan, the second eldest of the BSD-tans, is a dynamic leader known for her spontaneity and love of adventure. Despite her laid-back demeanor, she completes tasks efficiently and on time. NetBSD-tan, her younger sister, is depicted as timid but with an adventurous side, reflecting the portability of NetBSD. FreeBSD-tan is depicted as a tall woman with blonde spiky hair and purple eyes, wearing punk-inspired clothing. Her weapon of choice is a nightstick.

DragonflyBSD is the one only without info for her character, so that can be left up to interpretation?

Art by C-Chan

FreeBSD has has light red hair with long bangs, pigtails in the back and very long at the sides. She has green eyes, red devil horns and tail, a sleeveless red mini-dress, long black high-heeled boots and long black gloves.

NetBSD NetBSD-tan is seen as a teenage girl, around 18 years old but physically 15 or so. She wears red plastic glasses, and has bi-colored eyes; the left amber, the right green, as a reference to serial terminals, which had CRT screens of aforementioned colors. Her hair is black with white tips, and she wears orange ribbons, a nod to the NetBSD Flag. She also has devil horns and a tail. She dresses in a Japanese schoolgirl-style uniform (sailor fuku); With a white top and orange skirt, knee socks and orange shoes. She also wears a collar piece with the Bell Systems logo at the tie point, a reference to BSD's Bell Labs Unix heritage. She carries a handbag in the shape of a chrome toaster; a clear nod to the famous installation of NetBSD on a toaster. 

FreeBSD-tan is depicted as a tall woman with spiky blonde hair and purple eyes. Her style of clothing is vaguely punk - incorporating spiked leather bracelets and a choker, fishnet stockings, knee-high military-style boots, a white shirt and black miniskirt. She is a skilled fighter, her favorite weapon being a nightstick.

John-Mark Gurney »


Is there a reason you didn't use syscall.master to parse instead? (Or maybe you did and the blog is slightly wrong?)

Alfonso Siciliano »

Juan Camós »

After many years of fiddling with FreeBSD and Linux, I realize that the best way to describe when I'm using Linux, is like I was driving a car in England (no offense to the UK people 😅).

It's also a car, it has four wheels, an engine, a steering wheel, gears, it takes you from one place to another, but... you're sitting in the right seat, and it's strange for me.

What can I say. I prefer to enter roundabouts on the right side

Have a great day!

Sourcerer »

Getting Started on FreeBSD (remastered) | From Start to Finish

by @robonuggie


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gyptazy »

Today, someone reached out to me by email just to say "thank you" for my Box Collection with different types of including all general (, , , ,..) and (, , ...) distributions.

It was just an email, rather than an issue or bug and someone took some efforts to look up my mail and to write me. It made me very happy & we should much more honour the work of others! It reminded me of how much we now take software for granted in our daily life. Things we do and handle our daily business... Even if we don't donate anything or only small amounts, we should always show respect for the time and effort of the author and maintainer. Even a small personalized email can bring great joy :)