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Autumn64 ES 🏳️‍⚧️ »

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mfjurbala »

Should I switch my from Windows back to ?

And if I do what should I use ? Maybe or see how far I can get with ?

when I used Linux more, I also ended up on Arch for some reason.

Le Bottin des Jeux Linux »

🛠️ Title: suyu
🦊️ What's: A <del>libre</del> proprietary Nintendo Switch emulator
🏡️ -
📖 Our entry: lebottindesjeuxlinux.tuxfamily

🥁️ Update: 0.0.1➜0.0.3
⚗️ Consistent version 🦍️
📌️ Changes:
🦣️ From: 📶️


A view of its interface at launch: it invites the user to double-click on the icon in the center of the interface to add a new directory to the game list.

suyu is a revival of the yuzu project, and a <del>libre</del> proprietary, multi-platform Nintendo Switch console emulator. Please note: as far as this emulator is concerned, it is no longer libre, it belongs to Nintendo, since it is derived from the yuzu emulator - acquired by Nintendo in the course of financial transactions between Nintendo's lawyers and the authors of yuzu. Nintendo now owns the rights to yuzu and its derivatives (i.e. suyu).

scovl »

After a year and a half of using daily, it will be impossible to go back to using unless it's minimally based on BSDs (like , , ).

Felix Palmen 📯 »

@release_candidate @stefano Even for BSDs sometimes. Although the handbook is IMHO really excellent, covering most of base and lots of widely used software from ports, it doesn't cover many "niche" topics and chances are wiki will have something on these ... 😎

release_candidate »

Hi! Let's make an !

I'm your average computer engineer that has absolute no idea of what to do.
My only talent in computer science is to pretend that I know and keep trying until it works.
I use btw. But currently teaching myself .
I though it would be a good idea to join an instance where people talk about BSDs and share the fun. Fun like me getting to break something.

At least, is not something productive...

An installation screen of NetBSD operative system.
I shows an error message saying "segmentation fault", but in a weird place because the interface didn't expect the error.
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gyptazy »

Today, someone reached out to me by email just to say "thank you" for my Box Collection with different types of including all general (, , , ,..) and (, , ...) distributions.

It was just an email, rather than an issue or bug and someone took some efforts to look up my mail and to write me. It made me very happy & we should much more honour the work of others! It reminded me of how much we now take software for granted in our daily life. Things we do and handle our daily business... Even if we don't donate anything or only small amounts, we should always show respect for the time and effort of the author and maintainer. Even a small personalized email can bring great joy :)

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gyptazy »

While lacking in available and functional operating systems, I’m already preparing a collection (like my collection) of flashable SD images of ( for the :