Released Monkey Switcher V1.2 (2022-11-19):
Monkey Switcher just got released in V1.2. witch your Bluetooth capable devices like Magic Keyboard 2, Track Pad, AirPods, etc. between multiple Macs (e.g. personal & business) with a single click for macOS. This can especially be helpful to avoid connecting you wired USB-C to Lightning cable to your Magic Keyboard to establish a peering session to another Mac and may fasten up your workflow. However, initially this must be done on all Macs where you like to use this app to be a known and authorized Bluetooth device. This application ships binary versions for amd64 and arm64 architectures of blueutil.

Running the application is a toggle – when the Bluetooth device is connected it gets disconnected. If the device is currently disconnected it gets connected. This can be done in combination of multiple Macs where the bluetooth device should be connected to.

Monkey Switcher is fully open-source. You can find the sources and download it: Monkey Switcher V1.2 @github.