helloSystem – FreeBSD with a modern desktop (2022-03-19):
helloSystem is a new desktop system for creators with a focus on simplicity, elegance, usability and a modern design based on FreeBSD. It follows the “less, but better” philosophy and is purely welcoming users from Mac systems. However, it has been several years since I have used FreeBSD as my daily desktop system – so I worked with another BSD system all the time. Now, it was time again to take a look on FreeBSD and I found helloSystem – I was directly in love. A fresh, modern clean desktop with FreeBSD.

Quote from the project:
For mere mortals. Welcoming to switchers from macOS. Not just a theme. Not a clone of anything, but something with which the long-time Mac user should feel instantly comfortable. The latest technologies, without the complexities of Linux distributions. Without lockdown. Without Big Brother. The user in full control. Within the first days as my new daily driver I didn’t encounter any bigger issues. Glad to see I can directly use my port and pkgs and everything is still like my castle… If you want to give it a try, you can use the download links to get a live CD.

Image: Screenshot