Garden Linux – A CoreOS Replacement (2022-05-05):
Garden Linux is a Debian GNU/Linux derivate that aims to provide small and auditable Linux images for most cloud providers (e.g. Ali, AWS, Azure, GCP etc.) and bare-metal systems. Garden Linux is the best Linux for Gardener nodes to increase you cloud platform and replaces the legacy and discontinued CoreOS system. Garden Linux provides great possibilities for customizing and provides a great feature set to fit your needs and is fully Open-source (MIT licensed).

By the given feature set it is possible to build Garden Linux with different features (options) like CIS, FedRAMP, ReadOnly mode, etc. Next to this, all features allow full customization to fit the operator's needs.

In default, Garden Linux already provides an awesome stack of features like:

* Repeatable and auditable builds
* Great test framework (PyTest based)
* Purely systemd based (network, fstab etc.)
* Aiming to always integrate the latest LTS Kernel
* Dracut generated initramfs
* Supporting all major platforms out-of-the-box
* OpenSSL 3

Garden Linux is easy to build and use. While only Python3 and a container runtime like Podman or Docker will be needed the whole process, including the test framework, will be done within containers without involving the host system. Garden Linux aims to be the perfect match for cloud host and node systems. A short introduction of Garden Linux was given in 2021 at the MiniDebConfRegensburg (Debian Event). A recording of this presentation in English can be found here.