Container Registry for the Community (2023-12-17):
Operating your own IPv6-capable container registry (Distribution Registry) for Docker and Podman offers several advantages. By hosting container images on a dedicated registry, you gain greater control over image distribution, access, and security. With a new IPv6 capable container registry got launched. The use of IPv6 ensures scalability and future-proofing in the increasingly IPv6-dominated networking landscape. This setup provides autonomy in managing container images, reducing reliance on external services. It enhances security by allowing you to implement customized access controls, monitor image integrity, and efficiently manage permissions for Docker and Podman deployments. Moreover, having your own container registry contributes to improved performance, as image retrieval and deployment can be optimized within your network infrastructure. This localized control also reduces dependency on external network conditions, resulting in faster image pulls and more reliable deployments. This container registry hosts multiple open-source and community driven projects like manpageblog and Plutono & Vali.

* Service:
* IPv6 Support
* TLS Encryption
* OCI Support
* Pull: Anonymous
* Push: Only for Community Projects