Released Changelog Fragments Creator V1.3 (2023-10-15):
Changelog Fragments Creator just got released in V1.3. Changelog Fragments Creator (a changelog generator in Python) may be used in development setups where working on a single file might result in ongoing merge conflicts due to too many changes on the same file. This is where Changelog Fragments Creator steps in to solve this by creating YAML based files for each PR according to its planned release version. The output format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning. This changelog creator is written for minimal setups to be usable across almost all systems (platforms and distributions). Therefore, some dirty stunts were needed to avoid templating (jinja2), etc. to drop some imports that would require additional dependencies.

Changelog Fragments Creator is fully open-source. You can find the sources and download it: changelog-fragments-creator V1.3 @github.