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Jonathan L Keeton »

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Mark R. Courtney »

Devils Garden primitive loop trail at Arches National Park (Utah, USA) [1/3]

Probably the most challenging hike I’ve done with so much up and down and scrambling over and around rocky curves, but great to get away from crowds and out into the landscape.

Third photo is Landscape Arch. Fourth photo is Partition Arch.

Photograph of large, orange rock fin formations sloping up vertically out of the scrubby, light green landscape.Photograph looking out over a sandy landscape covered in small, scrubby shrubs toward a large, striated orange rock formation spanning the landscape under a partly blue sky with patchy clouds.Photograph of Landscape Arch, a long arch of orange rock connecting two ledges over a field of small shrubs and rocky debris. The arch appears thinner and more fragile than it actually is due the length of its horizontal span.Photograph of Partition Arch, a round hole through an otherwise solid orange rock wall. An adjacent rock formation can be seen through the arch along with the rocky, shrubby landscape rolling off into the distance beyond.

Jonathan L Keeton »

Turns out the wind was blowing right to left so shortly after taking this photograph this morning we all got pretty wet.

Very dark rain clouds on the left with a dawn sky on the right on a country hillside road in Portugal. The right side won...

Jonathan L Keeton »

Ð's©🇮🇸 »

n°110 : Une partie du cimetière de Siglufjörður le 18 décembre dernier vers 20h30, soit deux heures avant la première éruption du Sundhnúksgígaröð 500 km plus au sud.

Une immense croix trône au milieu d'un cimetière où se trouve des pierres tombales et de croix lumineuses. Le sol est recouvert de neige. Au loin, un panorama d'une partie de la ville. La nuit est si noire qu'elle empêche de voir les montagnes environnantes.

Stefano Marinelli »

Evening comes. And brings silence, colour and peace.

(Photo date: 6th December 2013)

Evening is coming, there’s a small river, some plants and some fields. The light is becoming orange and the clouds have nice colours. The orange sky is reflected by the river, and everything is calm and peaceful.
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gyptazy »

is a robust (based on GPLv3) tool designed for unattended upgrades on a variety of systems, encompassing mainstream Linux distributions (like , , , , , etc.) and BSD-based systems like .

Unlike bloated solutions like or , this framework of QualvoSec is characterized by its minimalistic design, ensuring simplicity and ease of use. It operates entirely in Python, utilizing only a handful of imports to streamline the user experience.