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Metin Seven 🎨 »

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gyptazy »

⚠️ Weekly Meeting ⚠️

Our first weekly will start on the 25th, April 2024 at 7 PM (GMT+2).

You can find all the details on the wiki:

For the first one, I already created a small agenda ( You are highly encouraged to modify and extend this, as well as upcoming agendas!

Day: Thursdays (weekly)
Time: 7 PM - 8 PM (GMT +2)
Where: (Jitsi)
Info: No recordings, no deep tech dives (keep it simple, we have calls for the details, no pressures to anyone, have fun and enjoy)

When I started the poll to ask for interests in such a meeting I wasn’t sure that even more than 5 people would be interested. I’m happy to see this amount of interested BSD users. I’m aware of the different timezones and it might make sense to have a second timeslot. This one mostly covers the European and near-east users. I’m happy to hear suggestions regarding preferred timeslots for the US, Asia,… so far, I’m happy to see at least a few of you next Thursday in the call!

Ferdinand M. »

🇦🇹 Ok, ich hab ein Passbild vom Feldspatz 🙂

🇬🇧 Ok, I got a nice passport picture from the tree sparrow 🙂

Formatfüllende aufnahem vom Kopf eines Feldspatzes von vorne. Könnte der Spatz als Bild für den Pass verwenden :-)

Metin Seven 🎨 »

Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 🐢🍕

Modeled and rendered in MagicaCSG.
Inspired by a Christopher Lee sketch.

Cartoon-style 3D rendition of Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, eating a whole pizza, using his sword as a fork.

Metin Seven 🎨 »

Metin Seven 🎨 »