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It's Just Me »

Friends of the , can we rewind and restart the weekend?

Maikel 🇪🇺 »

So here comes the toot, please boost:

Dear I'm looking for a flat or bedroom in a share accom, preferible with just one person (same as now) in Berlin.

Could you please point me in the right direction of what's the most used website for flat finding that's not a Letting Agency (I hate them with passion) or that is directly where people gather to find flats?

I just need to figure the current prices and figure what's the combination of factors (area, transport, closeness to the city centre) that I need to find the cheapest option.

Moving date the latest: 1st July.

fediverse's stats » 🤖

alive servers stats

servers: 23,138 (7, max: 25,253)
users: 13,418,637 (1,638, max: 14,160,007)
MAU: 1,043,405 (-19,232, max: 2,589,647)

top five projects (users / MAU / servers):

8,602,330 / 854,596 / 9,846
1,999,996 / 50,578 / 767
277,045 / 27,549 / 537
372,878 / 22,009 / 1,439
171,176 / 16,158 / 1,127

servers graphmau graphusers graphweeks graph

Stefan Bohacek »

Week in Fediverse »

ClaudioM »

For the new folks joining and the overall, welcome! It's good to see you filling out a short bio and an avatar to get to know you, but be sure to *engage* with those you follow and remember to "be excellent to each other" when you do. Use CWs if you wonder if your post/toot/whatever is appropriate (better safe than sorry), and provide image descriptions to aid the visually impaired on the fedi.

For the most part, everyone is mindful of others on the fedi ("Do unto others...", that ol' chestnut). Be sure to do the same. ✌🏻

ClaudioM »

Would be neat if had a presence on the ...

Stefano Marinelli »

@mmm_eskandari Welcome to , to the and to the BSD Cafe!

One of the things that many people do as soon as they get here is post an (using hashtags is quite important here, posts are much more visible) and people will welcome and start following you.

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fediverseobserver »

Found 10 new servers and 14 servers died off since 3 hours ago.

22,519 servers checked. 14,025,046 Total Users with 1,542,759 Active Users today. Check out the stats!

New servers found: a server from Malaysia a server from a server from Germany a server from Private a server from Japan a server from Germany a server from Japan a server from Private a server from Private a server from Private

Help others find a home, send them to

Chema shook his head gravely »

I am just so amazed at how well the web client works with . I started self-hosting phanpy last night (it is a pure static web app) and it works seamlessly. Makes me very happy when things go like they're expected. Thank you for this!

Chema shook his head gravely »

If you're looking to host your very own single-user/a-few-users instance, you cannot go wrong with . It is simple to install on Ubuntu and works very well with some really solid clients. It is also written in C, so it is fast, with few dependencies. Great work, you've got a new monthly supporter on Ko-fi!

Lioh »

Week in Fediverse »

Molly White »

"In 2024, for the first time, it finally feels like we have a critical mass of people and platforms who are interested in rewilding the internet to bring back what we lost, and create something new. ...  There's a palpable feeling that this just might be the year of the open web."

is this feeling... hope?

At various points we revisited our old idea for networked publishing in Ghost and tested a few prototypes, but we were never sure how to make it scale; nor how many other platforms would ultimately adopt it. For all its promise, ActivityPub (like many open standards) seemed to generate products with user experiences that were often confusing and convoluted.  But something else happened in the intervening period between 2016 and 2024:  People became increasingly fed up with the behavior of centralized platforms, and increasingly hungry for alternatives. The motivation for exploring and understanding new technologies, rough edges included, meaningfully increased.  In 2024, for the first time, it finally feels like we have a critical mass of people and platforms who are interested in rewilding the internet to bring back what we lost, and create something new.  In the past week alone, we've had conversations with Mastodon, Flipboard, The Verge, Buttondown, WriteFreely, and several co-authors of the ActivityPub spec. There's a palpable feeling that this just might be the year of [begin strikethrough] the linux desktop [end strikethrough] the open web.
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gyptazy »

Thanks everyone for joining and also for the useful information and insights - I really appreciate it!

If you like join our weekly meeting you can find more information at

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Stefano Marinelli »

This place isn't perfect. It has its problems, flaws, and limitations. It's not immune to hatred or those who spread negativity.
Yet, here I've encountered incredible people, a marvelous community committed to bringing constructive engagement, dialogue, and social interaction back to the network.
Thank you, Fediverse.
Thank you, friends of the Fediverse.

Stefano Marinelli »

Since the beginning of the BSD Cafe's Mastodon journey, I've not been approving links or trending posts, mainly out of laziness. I did use some hashtags though.

Recently, I noticed that those sections of the site were sadly empty, so I've started to approve some content a few days ago. I check it about once a day, but trending content doesn't come up very often, so I'll continue this way for now.

Sampath Pāṇini ® »

Twitter was radio of the 1930’s.

The is shortwave.

Boost if you can hear this frequency.

KubikPixel™ »

Please Don’t Share Our Links on Mastodon: Here’s Why!

We need to talk about this problem. Should Mastodon step up?
So, Mastodon is a nice escape from the big tech social media platforms. […]


❄️ freezr ❄️ »

Despite my personal crisis I found the time to write a for my capsule...

This is my personal take on the current status of and marginally the .

Gemini: gemini://


Thanks... 🙏

Week in Fediverse »

Paolo Amoroso »

These unofficial Mastodon accounts of space agencies are bots that merely share news items the agencies publish elsewhere, yet the accounts have quite a lot of followers:

- NASA: @nasa 71K followers
- ESA: @esa 1.4 followers

There's an unfulfilled demand for public institutions to communicate on open and independent platforms.

Graham Downs »

If you want to opt in to the bridge, follow, and reply "Yes" to the ensuing DM that asks you to confirm your opt-in.

This will cause your posts to start appearing on Bluesky, and will allow Bluesky users to follow you. I'm so excited this is finally happening!!

Stefano Marinelli »

Dear friends of and the entire ,

And so, we have reached the end of 2023. For me, it was a positive year (except for the last 15 days, but in the end, it could have been worse), without any particular upheavals and therefore, quite straightforward.

This year, I dedicated myself more to the Fediverse and launched the BSD Cafe project. Without a doubt, this has been among the best things to happen in 2023. I've received a warm welcome, and many wonderful people have joined the project, contributing to its growth. In just a few months (I officially announced and opened registrations on July 20, 2023, so less than six months ago), our Mastodon instance now has 151 active users, with 93 participating in the last month. Then there's the Matrix instance, actively used by many, Miniflux (only used by 4 of us), our Wiki, BlendIT, the ongoing snac2 experiment, and many ideas for the coming months.

I've connected with people who have taught me so much, and the Fediverse has undoubtedly been the "place" where I've learned the most this year, through both interactions and reading what all of you have posted. I've met wonderful people beyond the technical realm and seen beautiful photography (), the sea (), personal memories (), captivating windows (), amazing cats (), and quiet, evocative Sundays ().

So, from Stefano (a human being, a member of the Fediverse) and Stefano (the Barista of BSD Cafe), I wish everyone a Happy 2024!

I know, to some, celebrating another trip around the sun may seem silly, but I believe it's always better in life to rejoice and celebrate something, anything, rather than argue, harm others, or wage wars. The world would be a better place if we all celebrated a little more.

Ricardo Martín »

Well, happy f*** you Twitter day! 🎉
Time flies in good company

Screen shot from the day I deleted my account on Twitter:
@fluxwatcher, This account doesn't exist [here]
Try searching for another.

Ricardo Martín »

Why isn't already in the ?.
Also, when are we going to be able to set a custom time search by default, like 1-2 years in the past? 🤔

❄️ freezr ❄️ »

Dear friends I am here to announce that we entered phase 3 of and Fediverse ! 🤫

Just a small recap:

  • Phase 1: reaching the critical mass ✅
  • Phase 2: nasty corps enter the fediverse ✅
  • Phase 3: the machine propaganda! ✅

And here we are:…

It is now to extend the protocol because doesn't please the ...

Let's see some interesting points:

The proper way to handle this, is by addressing the followers collection of the OP, and let OP forward the Activity to its followers.

and work this way.

Bluesky offers a stackable moderation system that allows people to subscribe to labeling services and help each other curate and filter the network.

Moderation is a concern only if your goal is to build a giant pool of users, which is the opposite scope of a decentralized network which aims for many servers with limited active people.

While a little more on the cryptocurrency side of things, Nostr incorporates direct payments into the network, allowing creators to compensate each other.

Poor creators, is that even a job?

Clearly the fact that Mastodon dominated the scene has, once again, that where you want freedom and diversity a sole player or a mono-culture attitude is a problem, using as a testing benchmark is a flaw.

Yes, go ahead and do your stuff, meanwhile I remind you that other protocols already resolved many of those concerns, that belong to AP, a protocol that is managed, or it was, by the W3C, thus watchout...

Perhaps it is time you rediscover Diaspora...

Week in Fediverse »

It's Just Me »

Hello, friends! Just got some wonderful news and wanted to share it with someone, and who better than you all. A dear friend who has been ill for a while has overcome their illness. We'll reunite tomorrow to celebrate together, but I'm bursting with joy already. Life has a way of bringing good news just when we need it most.

stu »

Good morning... and the fediverse.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

No description

Stefano Marinelli »

This is good, as Ghost is a nice platform: It’s time to bring back the open web.

scovl »

Despite being part of the (from what I read today), is one of the worst platforms out there. Having to pay to read articles is something that deeply irritates me. Similarly, having to use a proprietary DRM like Widevine to watch videos on Netflix, Amazon, Paramount, etc., is frustrating (long live ).

Week in Fediverse »

❄️ freezr ❄️ »

Hello folks I would like to create another account on , do you have any recommendation? Preferably in English and in North America?

dansup »

When you live rent free in their head, you know you doing something right 😉

Some people block and spread hate, others build and create.

While they cast shadows we shine bright ✨

Evilham »

Lovely operators / , can someone point me to best practices when it comes to spinning up test instances that are designed to be deleted after some time?

It is unclear to me what happens in when a server that was known disappears. I know this has happened in the past in rather traumatic ways (instance gone, backups gone, ...), so it must be somewhat well-supported.

Given that this is planned and designed though, I'd like to do things "properly" :-).

Stefano Marinelli »

Friends of and good morning!
Will I manage to sit at my desk today and actually do some of the things I've been wanting to do? 😄

Stefano Marinelli »

To all friends of BSD Cafe and the entire Fediverse, today is @jhx 's birthday.

Let's all wish him a happy birthday!
He's always positive, constructive, and friendly. Cheers to you! 🥂

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gyptazy »

⚠️ The BSD Pub ⚠️

Hey Fans!

We all share the same interests - based systems like , and .

We chat all day, sharing thoughts, questions and help. We talk on Matrix across different channels, we share on the . We have's newsletter, we have's and calls and many other ones I can't list here.

Wondering if there would be and interests in the , , etc., for a weekly smalltalk session like in a pub. Just a Jitsi based video/audio call where we can meet, discuss things from newsletter, trending things from the or just have off-topic and openminded discussions. This could result into the meeting.

I know, some people are shy - keep your cam off until you feel comfortable and feel free to join the discussions. Even this meetings should make fun and no pressure - so if someone is not in the mood or can't make it - no worries. No one will judge.

Would you be interested?



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gyptazy »

⚠️ The BSD Pub ⚠️

Hey Fans!

We all share the same interests - based systems like , and .

We chat all day, sharing thoughts, questions and help. We talk on Matrix across different channels, we share on the . We have's newsletter, we have's and calls and many other ones I can't list here.

Wondering if there would be and interests in the , , etc., for a weekly smalltalk session like in a pub. Just a Jitsi based video/audio call where we can meet, discuss things from newsletter, trending things from the or just have off-topic and openminded discussions. This could result into the meeting.

I know, some people are shy - keep your cam off until you feel comfortable and feel free to join the discussions. Even this meetings should make fun and no pressure - so if someone is not in the mood or can't make it - no worries. No one will judge.

Would you be interested?



Week in Fediverse »

R. L. Dane »

Ricardo Martín »

I just saw a person's toot complaining that a landscape photo should be CWed with agoraphobic, and it wasn't a joke.

❄️ freezr ❄️ »


Devi ripostarlo con un hashtag se vuoi raggiungere tutto il fediverso tipo:

dansup » is so close, can't wait to ship this service 🚀

Screenshot of

Graham Perrin »

To the @helpers in for

I thank each one of you for doing what you do, individually and collectively, in a quite extraordinary space.

The sense of openness, in a medium that is unavoidably closed, is probably the least of your positive achievements.

So welcoming!

steve mookie kong »

This is what memory usage looks like on a 1GB RAM VPS running #gotosocial.


A screenshot of Data Dog widget showing memory usage.

Graham Downs »

Thanks to everyone who participated in this experiment, along with everyone who offered comments and helped boost it! I feel it now fitting for me to post a "debriefing" of sorts, but I'm not going to individually reply to everyone; I just had too many replies. And that's a good thing. ;-)

I'll use all the hashtags I used for the original poll -- and I'm obviously replying to the original poll -- so hopefully that means anyone who's interested will get to see this.

To all the people saying some form of "Ha ha! You lose!" or "How does it feel to have failed?" or something like that, I will say that I did not lose, nor fail, nor was I "wrong". Remember that I offered no opinion myself on how many votes this poll would get, and I didn't vote on it myself. I was squarely on the fence, but I was curious to find out a) what the rest of the Fediverse thought, and b) how far this would go.

In fact, if I were pressed, I wouldn't have predicted a million votes either. An opinion that was re-enforced when people started pointing out that there are only about a million monthly active users on Mastodon in the first place (many of whom probably don't like polls. Or don't post in English. Or only sign in once every two weeks or so and hence wouldn't see my poll no matter how many times it got boosted).

To be fair, I was talking about the entire Fediverse, though, and that extends beyond just Mastodon... but I also didn't realise that so many people on non-Mastodon platforms would see my poll but not be able to vote in it. So that's something else I learnt.

Having said that, I was expecting more votes than I got. Maybe 50k or 100k. Not to sound unappreciative, of course. I've over-the-moon happy with the results. I've had some posts on Twitter years back that I would consider "viral" at the time, but even the most controversial of those never reached the engagement of this little post on Mastodon... and I had a lot more followers on Twitter than I now have on the Fediverse.

So what this has taught me is that it IS possible to go viral on the Fediverse. But also that it's easier to go viral on the Fediverse with a post *about* the Fediverse. And that's kinda sad, and ties in with some of the other conversations I've had this past week, about how people think that the Fediverse is too serious, too stale, not really a place for just hanging around and chatting about fun stuff. Most people on X and Threads don't spend 90% of their time talking *about* X and Threads. They just take the platform for granted and use it to chat about the stuff they want to chat about. We really need to stop talking about ourselves so much. :-P

I got a few other responses pointing out that it would never happen because it had a lot more voters than boosters, meaning many people voted but didn't boost. That's also an interesting phenomenon. Even on my other polls, I've noticed that if I don't *ask* for boosts, I don't get them. But generally speaking, if *I* vote in a poll, I'll boost it by default because I want my followers to see it too, and I want the person who posted it to get more votes. Because it's nice to get votes in your polls. :)

To the people who replied saying they hope this poll doesn't get anywhere near a million votes, or replied after the fact saying they're glad it didn't, because they don't want things going viral on Mastodon or because Mastodon is explicitly designed for things *not* to go viral, and they don't care about reach or engagement... I know some people feel that way, but I just can't wrap my head around it. I'm a writer, and like all writers, I write to be read. So the idea of writing a public post on social media and not wanting it to be seen by as many people as possible is... almost incomprehensible to me.

Ultimately, I hope that most people on the Fediverse feel the same way I do, because if they don't, then in my opinion, quite frankly the problems I mentioned above will never be resolved.

Sorry to end on a downer. Thank you very very very much again to everyone who supported me by voting, boosting, favouriting, and replying! I learnt a lot about how the Fediverse works.

Graham Perrin »

The same thanks, belatedly, from me, to the friends of @stefano in particular.

There'll be others for me to thank, on Tuesdays, from 9th April onwards.

Week in Fediverse »

It's Just Me »

Thank you for helping me with this instance and thank you for being here and giving a sense to this instance!

Stefano Marinelli »

I want to launch a hashtag where, every Tuesday, I'll post a message and it would be great if it became a habit for many.

In a world full of conflicts, selfishness, and egocentrism, it would be nice to focus on the good that others do, what makes our lives better thanks to the contribution of others.

My first to the friends of - both within the community servers and beyond - who have undoubtedly contributed to making my life better, more stimulating, and richer. So, I extend this gratitude to all those who, here in the fediverse or elsewhere, are present and positive, giving me inspiration and motivation.

Truly, thank you!

Graham Downs »

Interesting observation (which I've read before, but just been reminded of): the is too stale, too serious, too boring.

If you don't want to talk about politics, or religion, or current affairs, or climate change, or -- and this is a big one --anything whatsoever to do with computers or technology or software, you're going to struggle to find your tribe here.

I mean what if you want to talk about ? Or drag ? Or ... Or rowing in painted in pink with bright blue polka dots?

We have a few tiny communities for each of those things, but they're difficult to find. Whereas X, for example, has enough users that if you search for any of those hashtags, you're 99%+ sure to find a huge, vibrant group of people chatting.

People won't come because we don't have the content they're looking for. But we're unlikely to have the content they're looking for because not enough people are coming over.

What can we do about that, fellow Fediversians?

Stefano Marinelli »

I hope that the friends from are fine - their instance has been down for more than one day and I'm a bit worried.

Week in Fediverse »

Jcrabapple »

The is not about companies, it's about people.

Graham Downs »

I'm a bit surprised to see @zuck and @mosseri in the "Popular Accounts" list on @fedidb.

Because isn't a bona fide, full member of the Fediverse (and besides, why is Threads not listed on the Instances or software lists?). Especially since they don't read back replies or boosts. And even if they DID, I'd argue that they're effectively using a bridge; they're not natively built for the .

I could be wrong, but in my opinion, should be excluded from all lists on FediDB.

Don't get me wrong; I'm very happy to see accounts on here, and I have no problem with them joining the fediverse, but I don't think they should be part of FediDB.

What do you think, @dansup?

Michał "rysiek" Woźniak · 🇺🇦 »

The Fediverse is Already Dead

Despite the grim title, it's a wonderful, thoughtful, hopeful piece by @noracodes on what fedi was and what it has become. And what the future can hold.

Highly recommended. Especially for those of us who are, like me, struggling with what "The Fediverse" is supposed to mean these days.

Week in Fediverse »

release_candidate »


Guess who's the "most popular" person in the Fediverse.

FediDB showing zuck as the most popular account in the Fediverse.

Ricardo Martín »

Mark Zuckerberg first post in the .

A cartoon by Paul Noth depicts some hills where sheep are grazing. Two of them are looking at a billboard with the electoral propaganda of a wolf, where he is seen in a half-body image dressed in a suit, and the slogan 'i'm going to eat you'. One of the sheep says to the other, 'he tells it like it is'.

Sinclair System 7.5 »

Hello , here's your "daily" OS-tan art!

To follow along with the other BSD image I posted before, I'll post this chibi one of FreeBSD and NetBSD!

I guess with this post I can talk more about FreeBSD-tan since there is little for NetBSD... she is far from stupid and could be seen as a closeted genius, surpassing even Plan 9-tan herself. She masks her intelligence as a testament to her concept of freedom, choosing her own path rather than conforming to societal ideals. In combat, her strategies are simple yet effective.

Initially part of the Unix Family faction, FreeBSD-tan and her sisters (OpenBSD-tan and NetBSD-tan) distanced themselves due to disciplinary issues and a lack of interest in the faction's regulations. Drafted into the Unix wars, FreeBSD-tan skillfully evaded arrest and later joined forces with her sisters and Plan 9-tan to form the User Space Gang.

Art by C-Chan

An illustration by C-Chan featuring two chibi characters, FreeBSD-tan and NetBSD-tan, enjoying a picnic.

FreeBSD-tan is delightfully biting into a large, triangular sandwich filled with various ingredients (which includes the Windows, Apple and Linux logo) while NetBSD-tan is engrossed in a text-based game on a small white netbook. 

They are seated on in a with a woven basket on a red and white checkered picnic blanket. The scene is set against a backdrop of an expansive green field under a clear sky

dansup »

Hecked if you do, or you don't.

I went from auto domain blocking Threads, to reversing that decision and finally building user domain blocks so users could block the whole Threads instance even if their admin did not.

Sad to see people leave, and I hope they know that I've tried my best to satisfy both sides while remaining neutral.

I just found out that the Pixelfed instance is supporting threads and meta coming to the fediverse. Now excuse me while I go delete my account on Pixelfed.
#PixelFed #Threads #MetaSucks

Aral Balkan »

Sinclair System 7.5 »

Hello , here's your "daily" OS-tan art!

This one is a group picture featuring FreeBSD, NetBSD, DragonflyBSD and OpenBSD!

I won't describe all the characters due to the word limit here but FreeBSD-tan, the second eldest of the BSD-tans, is a dynamic leader known for her spontaneity and love of adventure. Despite her laid-back demeanor, she completes tasks efficiently and on time. NetBSD-tan, her younger sister, is depicted as timid but with an adventurous side, reflecting the portability of NetBSD. FreeBSD-tan is depicted as a tall woman with blonde spiky hair and purple eyes, wearing punk-inspired clothing. Her weapon of choice is a nightstick.

DragonflyBSD is the one only without info for her character, so that can be left up to interpretation?

Art by C-Chan

FreeBSD has has light red hair with long bangs, pigtails in the back and very long at the sides. She has green eyes, red devil horns and tail, a sleeveless red mini-dress, long black high-heeled boots and long black gloves.

NetBSD NetBSD-tan is seen as a teenage girl, around 18 years old but physically 15 or so. She wears red plastic glasses, and has bi-colored eyes; the left amber, the right green, as a reference to serial terminals, which had CRT screens of aforementioned colors. Her hair is black with white tips, and she wears orange ribbons, a nod to the NetBSD Flag. She also has devil horns and a tail. She dresses in a Japanese schoolgirl-style uniform (sailor fuku); With a white top and orange skirt, knee socks and orange shoes. She also wears a collar piece with the Bell Systems logo at the tie point, a reference to BSD's Bell Labs Unix heritage. She carries a handbag in the shape of a chrome toaster; a clear nod to the famous installation of NetBSD on a toaster. 

FreeBSD-tan is depicted as a tall woman with spiky blonde hair and purple eyes. Her style of clothing is vaguely punk - incorporating spiked leather bracelets and a choker, fishnet stockings, knee-high military-style boots, a white shirt and black miniskirt. She is a skilled fighter, her favorite weapon being a nightstick.

Stefano Marinelli »

Dear friends of and the ,
today marks exactly 8 months since the BSD Cafe was announced to the world. Our community has grown and is made up of wonderful people who add tremendous value to the content seen both on our Mastodon instance and other channels (primarily Matrix).

For this, I am truly grateful!

One of the first services we launched was Miniflux, but, in fact, it never really "took off." The main reason, in my opinion, is that registrations are not open but require contacting me directly, which (I am aware) greatly limits the freedom to sign up. The reasons why Miniflux is not open for immediate registration are various, but the main one is that the developers offer paid hosting that helps fund the project. By offering a free service with immediate access here, I risked undermining them - something I wanted to avoid.

Therefore, I have decided to introduce another RSS Reader, namely FreshRSS. Registrations are open and free, and the tool, like the others, runs exclusively on BSD systems (currently, FreeBSD).

I will update the wiki page with information and instructions as soon as possible, but the server is already active and operational for a few days - and is now on the Status page.

So, point your browsers to and... happy reading!

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