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Rami Krispin »

Thanks to @medium Staff for selecting my recent article - Introduction to Multi-Stage Image Build for Python 🐍, for a boost ❤️!

This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide for converting a regular Python Dockerfile into a multi-stage build 🚀.


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Stefano Marinelli »

Ric🐧☕ »

@alpalombo ajuda muito muito mesmo :) usava mas depois que conheci docker subir e testar as coisas local ficou muito mais simples.

jhx »

Small article about with and /
can sure be fun sometimes 😎 (Or I should rather say using a device under )

jhx »

In case anyone else ever has some fun with and / on

By default the FORWARD table drops all packages...
To get vm's back on the net simply leverage to make the packets flow again:

$ sudo iptables -A FORWARD -i br0 -o br0 -j ACCEPT

You can install iptables-persistent to save the current ruleset so it is applied every time you restart the system. 😉

Did that on my workstation... I always fall for it. 😂

Ricardo Martín »

0 days since last undockerizing drama 😭

Michael Dexter »

Yesterday's Jail/Zones call recording is up!

We discussed upcoming events, anti-FreeBSD FUD, @dch's OCI container progress and container registries, IPv6 networking and more!

Stefano Marinelli »

Tonight Docker saved me a lot of time. I needed to recover a database from a backup. Instead of having a dump, I had the MySQL files directly. However, since they were from MySQL 5.5, they couldn't work with MySQL 8. Luckily, I found an old Docker container on Docker Hub with MySQL 5.5, and I was able to perform a dump in just a few minutes.

Toran Shaw »

With so many projects offering as their primary way to use the app/service, it seems that the time will soon be upon me that I actually start to learn it. 🤔

Stefano Marinelli »

Felix Palmen 📯 »

@stefano unfortunately true. and maybe we should just be happy this mess can't be (easily) deployed to ...

Felix Palmen 📯 »

@stefano unfortunately true. and maybe we should just be happy this mess can't be (easily) deployed to ...

Kevin Karhan :verified: »

@stefano @josephholsten And know why my hate for and aka. is growing and I just want a smol and stupid distro like OS/1337...


Stefano Marinelli »

Typical modern software stack:

- They only provide a Dockerfile because it's so convoluted and patched together that it would be impossible to create a decent guide on how to make this stuff work without revealing just how much it's all held together by duct tape. Still, taking a peek at the Dockerfile will clearly reveal the chaos at play.
- Everything runs in separate containers, as it should, and they have automatic restarts, as they should. But then they're so tightly bound together with, you guessed it, duct tape, that when one of them fails, the container just restarts automatically, leaving the user wondering why everything failed, with only a cryptic error message.
- The main container is controlled by Supervisor - which is necessary because everything crashes very often, but the end user doesn't notice because Supervisor restarts the services. To outsiders, everything works fine (but occasionally throws some errors).

In short, the current trend is to sweep the dirt under the rug. A trendy rug, though!

Dominik Zajac »

The developers need to look into the reasons why a vendor like iXsystems drops its support and usage for FreeBSD as one of its bases for their product. Don’t be mad about it. Analyse what Linux delivers better than FreeBSD and fix it. Is it , better hardware support or other things that are needed to be the choice today. Keep changing, adapting or you will be obsolete one day. In my opinion it still has the power to serve.

Rafael Sadowski »

Upcoming support on . Nice work @op and ports@ contributors.

Here you can see the kubernetes driver in action..

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Graham Downs »

adingbatponder »

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gyptazy »

Just created some based images of & . This might become helpful when integrating in your build & test pipelines.

Bernie »

slirp4netns is this weird thing for unprivileged network namespaces:

It's required by because it runs without root privs.

The in thing also works with classic , but I'd rather use Podman for improved isolation.

Schenkl 🏳️‍🌈 »

Uuuund ins Image eingebaut!

Uuuund weg mit der Entwicklungsumgebung!
Also hier: hcloud server delete <server>

#23 [19/20] RUN mkdir -p /etc/firefox/policies
#23 DONE 0.3s
#24 [20/20] ADD conf/firefox/policies.json /etc/firefox/policies/policies.json
#24 DONE 0.0s
#25 exporting to image
#25 exporting layers 0.0s done
#25 writing image sha256:f9fc849c721b97ca7329e8c8e2cd932ff1db27df2f9d279

Marcel Stritzelberger »

In this article, I described and updated how important directories are placed externally in or in order to store data independently of the jail. So I can refer to it again and again in other articles.

Similar to , the aim is to be as little dependent on the jail itself as possible.

Marcel Stritzelberger »

Wie in oder wichtige Verzeichnisse nach außen gelegt werden, um Daten unabhängig von der Jail zu speichern, hatte ich in diesem Artikel beschrieben und nochmals aktualisiert. So kann ich auch in anderen Artikeln immer wieder darauf verweisen.

Ziel ist es, ähnlich wie bei , so wenig wie möglich vom Jail selbst abhängig zu sein.

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jhx »

@alelab @vermaden @0x1eef
Ran it via
Works quite well if selfhosted is a possibility 😎